Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today We Work On Our Taxes - Groan!!

March 23, 2011
The sun is shining, and it's a gorgeous Spring morning here in my little part of New England. I have taxes to work on today, but I'm hoping to get outside for at least a little while to enjoy the sunshine.
Yesterday, I did manage to get to the dealership and get a safety sticker for my car. Eddie and Dee Dee were with me, and oh boy! Can that man (Eddie) talk!! (better I should say "argue") While we were sitting in the waiting room at the dealership, there were two women already sitting there. After a little while, I spoke up and said "Ladies, would one of you like to take him home with you? He's free today." For a response, I got smiles.
A few more minutes later, I spoke up and said "Are you sure you don't want him Ladies? I'll pay you to take him." One lady looked up and said "How much?" At this point, Eddie got up and said he was going outside to look at all the new cars. (Of course, we wouldn't really give him away!)
When I went to pick up my car, guess what was sitting near it? Another car just like mine, only it was in the other color that I almost got. It was a light sage green, and it was just gorgeous!! But I'm still very happy with my garnet red car.
All my little birdies are coming back to the feeder now. I love their hearing them chirping outside my window. Here is another photo of one of the little woodpeckers having a go at one of the square feeders.

This next photo is what I see in the mornings I'm leaving work to go home. A lot of the birds gather in a tree across the street and call out to their friends and families. I suppose this is when they share stories about where the best feeders and treats are in the neighborhood. Who knows? To me, seeing them there is a great way to start my day.
Now I need to catch up with some of my emails, and finish my morning blog reading. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Yak, taxes. Not a nice job, specially not when it is such lovely weather.
Your red car is better to see in bad or misty weather than the sage green one! So it could be a bit safer, LOL.
Going to post the freebielist and the Have to put some meat( boneham) in the oven, it takes a while to be cooked.
Have a lovely day and I hope the taxes go smoothly and quick