Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Creative Mind Is Busy Again

March 22, 2011
Good morning. It's still a bit gray outside, but hopefully it will get brighter soon. I did not get out yesterday to do my errands, so today I really must hop to it! I have a couple of people coming out today (one this morning and one this evening) to see about a room.
I know there is sometimes a question about how I can get a clear shot of something with my camera "hand held." Most of the time, (when I am outdoors) I use continuous shoot mode on my camera. And yes, I am not the steadiest, but if you stand really still and hold your breath, you will usually get at least one or two pretty good shots. Other times, I lean against my car for a bit of steadiness. I much prefer to use my tripod, but it is not always feasable.
Yesterday, Su and I decided on a theme and color pallet for the April kit. Oh my, I had a grand time with it, and you'll never guess!! I finished the whole kit by 10 pm last night! I still have to get it packaged and uploaded, but I was really pleased with myself by the time I crawled into my little bed.
How about a couple of photos of a cute little woodpecker who was sitting on a tree limb watching me unload things from my car? He is just a tiny little thing, and he never took his eyes off me. I really do love the expression on his face in the second photo. It's as if he is saying "Will you hurry up down there! I want to get to the feeder."

I called to see how the Mrs. was doing yesterday, but so far there is no news. The doctors had done a lot of tests, but there were no results yet. Maybe I'll hear some news today.
Now I must get ready to start my busy day. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Hope somebody real nice comes into the room!
And wow, you have been speed scrapping/designing. Well, it just goes like that, once it works and all things come together you want to finish it.
The little bird is really cute with his expression!
Just had about 20 minutes in the sun in the garden and have to do the freebielist now.
Have a great day