Sunday, March 13, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

March 12, 2011,
Good morning. Tootsie and I are safely back home now, and oh boy, it felt so good to sleep in my own little bed. Our plane was a bit late leaving Orlando, and so we were about 20 minutes late getting back into Boston. But Eddie and Kevin (my youngest grandson) were there waiting to pick us up and take us home.
As for the snow that was here when I left two weeks ago, it's just about all gone. There are only a couple of small piles left and they probably won't be here much longer. Gosh, I can see my yard now. All those beautiful (?) pine needles!! Think about it, they're not really beautiful, but if it's a choice between several feet of snow and plain brown pine needles, the pine needles certainly become beautiful.
The trip to Florida was Tootsie's first time flying, and I have to tell you, she did really good. On the flight home, she figured out how to unzip the cover on her travel bag, and spent most of the flight sitting up with her head poking out of the carry bag. She made friends everywhere, even on the plane.
The other day at a flea market, an older gentleman came towards us, and smiled and said "Good afternoon, Grandma." I smiled back, and then he leaned down to do the "kootchy kootchy koo" thing to the baby. (I was pushing Tootsie's pink stroller with her in it.) Imagine his surprise when he saw that the baby was a little doggie. After he got done laughing at it all, he said "What a marvelous idea for your little dog. And she looks so happy!" We ran into this a lot in Florida. I guess folks there never saw a doggie stroller.
It really is good to be home though, except for problems with my laptop. It has no internet!!!!! I don't know what is wrong, but it is driving me crazy!! Today, I'm posting this using my desk PC. I called Wayne to see if he can tell me how to fix the problem, but he is nowhere to be found. Hopefully, I will still have some hair left on my head by the end of this week!!
I have some photos to share this morning. I took these two photos because of the reflections. I found this tiny little pond-like pool of water behind a building, and there lots of birds wading in it looking for food. One is an Ibis, and the other is an Egret, I'm just not sure which type of Egret it is.

Tonight it's back to work for bonzo here, so I have a bit of laundry to do, and then I want to catch up on my blog reading. That's one of the things that I missed the most in Florida. After that, I want to get acquainted with my new car so that I know how to find the headlights and the windshield wipers before I leave for work.
So that's it for now. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Welcome home, I hope you had a nice time. I really like it when people use the little carts for the smaller dogs. People always bring their dogs to the art shows and I cringe at the little ones ducking out from under everyone's feet. They always look terrified, so I like the carts or bags people carry them in. It is true what they say, isn't it...there's no place like home!

smiekeltje said...

Welcome back home again! I know the feeling to be in your own surroundings again, it is great! Although holiday time and being somewhere else is lovely too.
Hope the trouble with your laptop is solved quickly!
And I can imagine your happiness coming home and really see the grounds of your yard, and let it stay this way, don;t you think?
Have fun driving your new car, be careful, you hear, no need to play: Racing Ducky"LOL!
Have a lovely day