Monday, March 28, 2011

Have You Had Your Gummies Today?

I am going to try again to post this morning's blog post. Bear with me while I figure out what is going on with Blogger. It's just not cooperating today. Thanks for your patience. ********************************************************* March 28, 2011 ********************************************************* It's a gorgeous sunny morning here, but it's really a bit cool - only about 28 degrees F. The weatherman says it's supposed to warm up a bit this week to the mid 40's all week. Gosh, I hope so because all the Spring flowers are beginning to come up. Some are even starting to bloom. Here's a patch of daffodils that will be blossoming pretty soon. ******************** ************************************ I'm at work, so I'm not sure how long I can chat here. The Mrs. will be waking soon and then I must get busy here. I worked last night, and today I'm working for a friend who needed the day off. It's not so bad because she will work for me on Friday which will be good for me. ********************************************************* Janet came over yesterday to help me get the last of my tax stuff ready for my appointment on Thursday with the accountant. I just have to make a list of totals now, and hopefully I will be all set. I really must work on getting a better system for next year. ********************************************************* My memory is becoming quite a nuisance. Last night I locked myself out of the house for the second time in two months. Thank goodness Eddie has keys to my house so he can let me back in. I think my mind just gets so busy at times, that it forgets to focus on what I am doing in the moment. That's another thing I will have to work at. ********************************************************* Have you noticed how many new companies are getting on the "adult gummy vitamins" band wagon? For a while, it was hard to find a place that carried all of the adult gummy vitamins, but lately several stores have begun carrying them. This is good for people like me who have a problem with swallowing pills. After one or two days of trying to swallow pills, I just give up on them. They get stuck in my throat, and make me miserable. These gummy vitamins are a wonderful way for me to take my vitamins. Try them, you'll love them!! ********************************************************* Now I have to get busy here. I'll be back tomorrow with more photos. Till then, Y'all have a wonderful day. ********************************************************* Hugs, Edna B.

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The Queen Jester said...

Ewh! Adult gummies - that's gross. I'll just keep choking mine down the normal way.