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Monday, November 20, 2017

Keep Your Ankles Wrapped Good!

November 20, 2017

Good morning.  The sun is shining, but the temperature is only around 33F degrees.  Later today it might get up to around 41F degrees.  Hmmm, I don't know if I want to wander out today or not.  Maybe later when it warms up a tad bit.

Well, last night I finished the purple and green afghan.  Hopefully, I can get some purple shades of yarn to work with soon or I won't be able to finish another purple afghan before Christmas.  As for the rest of the things that I need to finish up, they will eventually get done.  They always do.  I make plans to do things each day, but those plans rarely go as planned.

But guess what??  It doesn't really matter.  Each day is a gift and I feel good about whatever I'm able to accomplish.  Once Pogo and I get past the upcoming holidays, we will start planning ahead for our time in Florida.  I miss going to the flea markets.

Yesterday I found an adorable image online that I wanted to share.  This is for all you folks with teeny tiny doggies like mine.  I think this is soooo funny!

I don't have a lot of news today, but I do have a kit for you.  This is my part of an old kit that I made in collaboration with my friend Su.  I hope you can have fun with it.

Here are the download links:

Now I have some dishes waiting in the sink for me.  Oh joy, oh joy!  After that, we'll see what the day brings.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Dee Jaynes said...

Hahahaha I love the sign !

Annesphamily said...

Your shares are just wonderful! My cousin, in upstate NY is already battling the snow. Oh my goodness, they say we can expect a temp of seventy-two on Thursday! Of course, I could blink and it will be four feet of snow. You never know around here.
I saw my doctor on Saturday, he happened to be working the walk in clinic. He had no sympathy for me as he has the same crude! LOL! He said at least your hands are warm, I said, yes you gave me the chills with those icy cold hands ha ha ha! I have an antibiotic but I feel so tired. Oh, I guess some of it is age. Hate to admit it but it's true. How my mother did it all without nary a complaint I will never know. She was a real saint!
Planning Thanksgiving dinner anyway and I found a beautiful nearly 9 lb turkey breast and a 19.69 lb. turkey. The store sale was incredible and we paid less then $15 for both! Noelle is adding a 9 lb. ham to the mix so I do not think 20 people will walk away hungry from our table. Plus pies and salads and all the trimmings. I feel badly for my sis. She will be alone. MY niece Karla usually cooks but she has to work and my niece Kate is hosting her hubby's phamily. It is a shame they can't squeeze my sis in! But she can be difficult too, not wanting to butt in, as she says often. Thank you for the nice comments at my blog and always for being a sweet friend. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week and stay toasty warm if your weather turns colder.
Hannah has a friend in Buffalo, NY getting married next ear and asking Hannah to be in her wedding. I sure hope they marry in the summer when all the snow melts away.She did visit Janna in January during Super Bowl week and the weather was mild. God bless the Canadian cold air.
My friend Judy in Alaska is already getting snowed in and I am talking 4-5 feet deep! She has her 92 year old mom living with them, in a cute house, Judy's hubby built for her. But Lord, it is good they all know how to ski, because they aren't going anywhere anyway else!
You were making me jealous with your Florida trip hee hee hee! That sounds very nice when the cold weather blasts us. I have never been to Florida but my son-in-law Roger is a native of the Florida Keys.
Well take care my friend and enjoy your week. HUGS