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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Today's Morning News Is Pretty Awful

March 26, 2015

Good morning.  Gosh what a beautiful day we had yesterday!  Pogo got to sit by his door most all day while I did a few things around here.  Today is warm and cloudy at the moment.  It rained last night, and we are expecting more rain later today.  As long as it isn't too heavy, it will help to melt some more of the snow.

Have you all been watching the news this morning?  The are saying that the co-pilot of that German airliner crashed the plane on purpose.  According to the news, he waited for the pilot to leave the cockpit and then locked the door to keep him out while he set the plane to crash in the mountains.  So far, it is said that everyone on board died instantly. 

How horrid is that?  To be honest, it makes me fearful even more so of flying.  I know that this is not a normal occurrence, but it makes me quite nervous anyway.  As it is, I have to work on keeping my mind psyched up for a good flight when it is time to travel anywhere.

Another story on the news was about a car that drove right into a drugstore.  Fortunately, no one was killed.  However, I am assuming that the driver was not over the age of sixty because they are not making a big deal about the accident on the news.  If the driver were sixty or older, politicians everywhere would be in a rush to pass a lot of new laws to keep older drivers off the road.

Also in the news, several tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma and Arkansas, leaving a wicked amount of devastation behind.  There was at least one death and several injured people who have been hospitalized. 

To be honest, I don't think I could live in any of these areas where tornadoes seem to be a way of life nowadays.  I'll stay right here and do my best to deal with the snow and ice and the occasional hurricane, and count my blessings.

On a lighter note, I have a couple photos of a beautiful air plant that I bought at a flea market while I was in Florida.  I have always been fascinated by these plants, so I decided to buy one and try my luck at keeping it alive.  It needs no soil, just a soaking once or twice a week.  It also does not want direct sunlight.  Regular room light or indirect sun light is all this plant needs. 

Once it gets a little bigger, I'll find a nice container to set it in (or on).  But for now, it sits on a towel on my little fireplace mantel.  Yesterday I picked it up to wet it under the faucet and I noticed that it had grown a gorgeous flower.  Have a look at this amazing plant.  Isn't this pretty?

While I've been busy here typing, the sun has come out, and I've opened the door so that Pogo can sit and watch the squirrels playing outside.  We still don't have very many of our little birds back yet, but I have hopes that they will all be back soon. 

I think today Pogo and I will take a walk around the yard to see how many sprouts we can find.  We still cannot walk around to the other side of the house because there is still too much snow there.  I'm hoping that all this moisture will give us a super lawn this year.

Later, when Joe gets home from work, we'll go food shopping.  Today maybe we can shop at the Market Basket.  They have a much better selection than Walmart and very good prices.  Well, I think that's about all my news for today.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

All the terrible things going on in this old world today...(shakes my head) I try to not watch a lot of news and just read a little. I still say that the truth is no one tells you when a plane lands safely or there is no car crash at an intersection because those things just aren't newsworthy but they happen every day. There are more good people than bad, but the bad ones have big mouths and they look to find the good ones off guard so they can control them; they are bad people, it's what they do. It's worse because the bad-people-blow-hards are controlling politics. It's the way to make this a country ruled by hate. I read the news this morning, can ya tell? Politics depresses me so I try to stay barely inform,ed. :)

The natural disasters we can't control, but I agree with you; I wouldn't want to live somewhere there were any more tornadoes than there are here.

We've had a couple days of rain and gray with little pockets of sun here and there.We had some weyt, sloppy snow this morning that coated everything but it warmed up enough that our pretty mud is back. ("pretty mud" has those splotches of bright green in it!)

About the air plant... I think I remember seeing something abut those on TV before. At first glance I was a little creeped out. Especially with the big bud it was a bit spiderish to me. Maybe that's because it's the time of year I start dong ceiling checks more often. The ONLY thing I can say kind about winter is fewer arachnids. Maybe I'll be more settled with a photo once the bud opens up? You will share more photos then, yes?? Or maybe it needs to be a day I don't read political news stories that have already scarred me! LOL

Raise a mug of hot cocoa t the rain!

Hugs, Nani
Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

I didn't realize the air plants had any blooms like that, they really are quite lovely.

I was shocked by the plane crash as well and my first thought was some sort of Isis attack, or some other terrorist group. I wonder what his motive was for crashing and killing everyone, including himself. People always amaze me.

smiekeltje said...

We heard abut the German plane crash here too.
It's an aweful thing, and still uncomprehensible why this young pilot did it.
The news is all about terrible things happening in the world and it seems it grows worse and worse.
What a wonderful plant you have there. I have no idea of its name, but it is fun it can grow without soil.
Hope you will find more sprouts in the garden, it keeps up hpe for better times LOL.
Have a lovely day.

Unknown said...

It is so terrible about the things that are going on around us today. No matter how big our world is, when something tragic happens it affects all of us. We have questions but I am in doubt that they will be answered with honesty.

Your air plant is just lovely. I have been wanting to get my hands into some dirt and plant. I am hoping to buy a few things soon. Our problem is lighting. We don't have much of it. Also I know how things disappear here. People have little regard for other people's possessions. I can't wait to see the bloom on your air plant.

No rain here, just some sun and it is still chilly outside. I hear the birds singing and should take my coffee out and watch them fly around and sing, but I have just woken up and have not got myself moving as of yet.

Have a great day and HUGS, Beth