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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Strange Things In The Supermarket Parking Lot

March 12, 2015

Good morning.  What a pleasure to be able to turn on my laptop in the morning and be able to have access to the internet.  DIL Janet and I are sitting here at the breakfast table, watching the news on TV and discussing the woes of the world.  So far, we have not come up with any workable solutions that the public would go along with.

Yesterday we  went looking for the little pond up the road, but did not find it.  Well, we did find a little pond but it was on private property.  Sad to say, most all the ponds and lakes around here are gated off to keep tourists out.  

So, instead we went to the supermarket and picked up a few items.  As we were leaving there to head home, I noticed an  unusual car parked at the other end of the parking lot.  Of course, being nosy, I drove over to investigate this vehicle which in fact was a hearse.

The unusual thing was where it was parked.  It had a handicapped license plate on the back of it, and it was not parked anywhere near a building.  It immediately reminded me of the hearse that my brother once owned. (That's a story for another day.)   Here's a photo that I took.

But that a reflection on the rear passenger window, or is someone looking out at me?  I'll have to get a little closer to find out.

Aha, I was right.  There is someone peeking out at us.  Somehow I don't think we'll stick around here too long.  This person does not look very friendly.  As I start to drive away, I notice the gorgeous hood ornament on the front of the car. 

Wow, does this ever bring back memories of days gone by.  When I was very young, all vehicles had an ornament on the hood.  Some were just small emblems, while others were quite decorative.

As we left this parking lot, I noticed some flowering hedges and stopped to photograph them.   I'd love to have some of these flowering hedges back home.  They are really quite beautiful.  Tonight, I'll sit down and crop a few of these photos to share here tomorrow.

Today I have a couple photos from our day last week at a local park.  I'll have to look up the name of this park.  It has been developed quite a bit since we visited it last year. 

Pogo gets to run around in the grass for a while every now and then.  Unfortunately, I can't just let him run around for a long time because he manages to get out of his harness.  He's tiny, so it's hard to find a harness that is comfortable and fits securely.

This morning, we are heading out to visit a flea market.  No matter how many  times I visit the two flea markets close by, I always seem to find new things of interest.  And it is a fun way to get some very much needed exercise.  

Well, that's about all the news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mary Ann said...

Hi Edna, Been enjoying each day of your vacation. About Pogo's harness...did you ever think about going to a shoe shop and have them make it fit? They could cut and or resew. Just an idea. We are going out to Boulder City to photograph the sky divers this morning to run! Mary Ann

Annesphamily said...

When I was working, we had a patient who had a H U G E trust fund from his deceased parents and he spent a lot of money restoring old hearses! Wow!
I was looking over a blog of someone I have known for a long while. She was ill and had over 500 hours of extended illness banked! Well, they turned around and took that away from the employees! Typical for the medical field! You never know when they will pull the rug out from under you!
I remember a friend who saved all her money, literally millions. She was widowed young, so negative and when the economy tanked a while back she lost nearly half a million dollars.

I am stunned by people who think all their eggs will be int heir basket! It is sickening what is happening to America and all the politicians have their money tied up in off shore accounts! Disgusting!

Angelicastar said...

Hi...I've been reading your blogs but never had time to comment. I just moved and 4 months before the moving date, I've been trying to close on my home loan. I've been too stressed to do anything else. Moving took a lot out of me and my osteoarthritis flared very bad and the pain is still there, but a lot better now. I see you are out of the snow and into the sunshine with your little fur baby Pogo. Enjoy your stay and take in all the sunshine that you can before you go back home. Stay away from the strange things in the parking lot. (lol) It's been cold here but nothing compared to the East coast. Our cold weather is only jacket weather here in The Greater Houston area. Take good care of yourself and Pogo and enjoy the vacation.

Nani said...

The hearse’s driver is someone who seems to have lots of fun, but it seems like it would be so hard to drive. It seems like it would probably want a lot of gas too.

What a sweet photo of you and Pogo! You look warm and sunshowered!

Hope you found great fleas! ;)

Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

It would be very odd to see a hearse like that and I can't wait to learn more about your back story there.