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Monday, March 16, 2015

Only Four More Days Till Spring. Woo Hoo!!

March 16, 2015

Good morning.  Well, we had a great flight home.  When we left Florida, it was a bit cloudy, but nice and warm.  Once we got to Boston, it was raining lightly and much cooler.  Deanne and Eddie picked us up at the airport.  Thank goodness, because I wore bermuda shorts and flip flops home so that I could travel in comfort.  Needless to say, I was a bit chilly once we got outside the Boston airport.

Once we got home and all the bags were unpacked, I looked out the window to see snow falling.  Are you kidding?  I guess we got home at just the right time.  This morning, everything outside is coated with a new layer of white.  It's only a couple of inches, but it is still snow.  This new layer of snow finally broke our record of the snowiest winter on record.  (I haven't figured out yet if this is something I want to be proud of.)

The mounds of snow in our yard are down a foot or two, but there is still an awful lot of snow here.  With a lot of luck, maybe we'll be rid of most of it by April.  However, the good news is that Spring will be here in four more days.  Woo Hoo!!!

I'm watching the Weather Channel and they are discussing about a pastor who is asking 200,000 people to each donate $300 so that he can buy a 65+ million dollar jet plane.  His church has 20,000 parishioners.  (so who are the other 180,000 folks?)  The pastor already has a jet, but it is old and needs a bit of work so he wants a new one.  (By the way, this man has multiple homes, Rolex watches, and Rolls Royces - according to the news.  Maybe he could sell these to raise the funds he wants?)

Now I ask you, is it really necessary to spend 65+ million dollars on a super jet plane in order to spread God's word?  I mean, where does this pastor need to travel that he can't get to in a commercial plane?  Personally, I think that the 65+ million dollars (if he actually had it) could be put to very good use right here in this country in all the areas that are still in dire need from all the damage from prior and recent storms and floods.  He certainly wouldn't need a fancy new jet plane to help these folks.  A few postage stamps would do the trick.

I know, I know, I'm a grumpy old lady, but as I told my DIL Janet, that's my lot and I'm just trying to do a good job of it.  haha.

Folks, today is Mandarin Orange Monday and I do have a piece of digital art to share.  I took a photo of the top of our bird feeder, blended it with an orange colored layer, then used several filters in Photoshop to make some changes.  Filters used were "Plastic Wrap", Ocean Ripples" and "Wave" (set to triangle).  I was very surprised at the results.  Here's the original photo, then the edited version.

In my weekend email, I found a couple of wonderful surprises.  This first digital layout was made by my friend Mary Ann.  It looks like Pogo had a fabulous time discovering the beauty of Paris.  What a fun layout Mary Ann.  Thanks so much.  What a great way to start my day.
The other nice surprise was a beautiful scrap layout that my friend Beth made featuring Pogo and DIL Janet and palm trees.  She even put in a squirrel for me.  I mentioned before that we hadn't seen any squirrels while were in Florida.  (As we were leaving for the airport Sunday morning, we saw two little squirrels - finally!)   This is wonderful Beth.  Thank you ever so much.  I'm giving a copy of this to DIL Janet so that she can share it with her friends too.
It's good to be home, but I do miss the warm weather and sitting out on our little porch.  Later I want to talk to SIL Eddie about the feasibility of building a little screened porch on my side of the house so that Pogo and I can sit out in the nice weather.   This could be a fun project for this year.
There was  big box of mail waiting for me here.  Last night, I wrote out a few of the new bills, and tomorrow I'll get the rest of them tended to.  Today I have a batch of receipts to go through to finish off my preparations for my appointment tomorrow with the accountant.  Once the taxes are filed, I will breathe much easier. 
Now it's time to get started on that batch of receipts.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.
Hugs, Edna B.
p.s.  I know I don't respond to all the comments left, but I really do appreciate them and look forward to reading them.   I may not say it often, but thank you so much for being a wonderful part of my life.


Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna, Snow? Really? Ha... I don't know whether to laugh or to sigh... At least you know that you are home!

Guess what? I just came back from out on the patio and my blue jay is back and with his mate. I just had the most splendid time watching them.

I think that a small screened in porch is ideal. What a wonderful treat for you and Pogo on beautiful days and evenings. May even have your dinner there, and crochet and just enjoy.

Now on to my thoughts of Creflo Dollar... That article ticked me off a whole lot. I seen it and was terribly heart broken to see yet another preacher that has more than he can ever possibly need ask for a new jet. I got off my heart brokenness really quick tho and was hopping mad. Greed is such an ugly thing and he has so much and yet wants more. He has his own tv show to boot. I use to watch him and really liked his messages until one day I realized that he was like all the rest. A con artist at best.
I have to say that it is more than a little disturbing to realize how he wants so much money from his followers.. He will probably get it too.

Interesting effect for the Mandarin Monday. I am so sorry Edna that I have not kept up with the word of the day. My intentions were good, I just had a problem with the follow thru.

Was Pogo glad to be home with all of his little sleeping spots? I sure hope so. I bet he went to all of them to make sure that no one else has been there.

Oh well my friend Patsy said that they are recalling Purina Beneful dog food as it is killing dogs. I went online to research the news on the recall. So Cisco is out of food. Regardless if it is a hoax as some claim or a fact, since there are active law suits, we decided to take Cisco off of it and he has no food this morning. I gave him a dish of chicken and rice that I made a couple of days ago to hold him over until Jon can pick up something else. His system cannot tolerate Kibbles and Bits so I am not sure what he will pick up. He might try and make it to Petsmart or Petco and see about getting him some Science Diet. He does well on it but it costs the earth. $30.00 for a small bag. He is worth it but it will really be hard to come up with over a $100.00 a month for dog food.

I hope that you have a great day. I am off here to see what I need to do to cross off some of my to do list.
Good luck with the taxes and I know that you will be happy when that is over.... Hugs, Beth

The Queen Jester said...

Ick...snow, I don't want to even think about it. I loved the rendering that Maryanne did of Pogo and Paris. Your Florida collage is sweet and so colorful.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Hi Edna...I recently spent 4 days in Orlando...what a treat. Spring has sprung here in Chicagoland. I'd say if you are going to have a tremendous snow, you may as well be breaking records! Hope you enjoy the transformation into spring♪

Debby said...

It was nice that Mother Nature welcomed you home. Geez. Our snow has melted. Still a little ice in places. It's been really warm. It's to cool off again.
You can be grumpy for a few days til you get you groove back.

smiekeltje said...

Happy you arrived safely home again.
And you had such nice surprises in your mail, how lovely.
Pity there is such a difference between Florida weather and the one in your area!
Really hope that the snow will melt away quickly and you will have some real Spring.
Oh, you are absolutely right about the pastor. I think he isn't living and experiencing the real life!
Have a wonderful day.

Annesphamily said...

I read that story about that greedy pastor too! Oh pleeeeeezzzzzzzz...what a crock! Get some sandals and walk like Jesus did! Plus the crooks name is Dollar! LOL! I imagine God just shakes His head wondering what the heck kind of people he created.... I remember years ago when my kids were small Oral Roberts saying he wrestled with the devil and God told him to get the people to build his school! I remember telling my girlfriend, he is lying, the devil is at my house and he won;t leave! Those were the days of health issues, home loss. job loss....I am so appalled at these mega preachers and how many people fall for their baloney! Joel Olsteen is at the top of that list. There was one here in Denver who took people for millions, living a lavish lifestyle, driving expensive sports cars, owning a private jet! Ugh! I was raised Catholic and they never encouraged us to read the bible. If I need answers from God I read His word, I don't need a guy in a thousand dollar hand made suit and a Rolex to tell me God would love me more if I gave my money to Him (preacher man)! I fine it falls in the same line with people who are taken by e mail and phone calls that they won a lottery and just pay a few thousand to collect! A woman I know use to get mad at her hubby for entering giveaways on line. During March Madness a few years ago he won $80,000 from Cocoa Cola! It's funny, because she said when you win something legitimately they send it fed x and you sign on the dotted line, no money exchanges hands from your hand to theirs! The sad world of lonely people I guess.
Love that photo of Pogo so precious, what a cutie. I love your orange here too. Have a great day!