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Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Mandarin Orange Monday

March 30, 2015

Good morning.  Gosh, it's gray and breezy outside my door.  I've just turned on the Weather Channel to see what to expect today.  Right now we can expect some snow flurries with a bit of rain later this afternoon.   Somewhere in all this mess, they say the sun will make an appearance and the temps will get up to the mid 40's. (F) 

I was hoping for a better forecast because I have an early afternoon appointment with the doctor for a regular check up.  With my new insurance, I will need to get a referral from this doctor so that I can see my orthopedic doctor tomorrow.  

Well, yesterday was quite a busy day.  After I posted to my blog in the morning, I got ready to go shopping at a new discount store.  Dwarf Helen went with me, and I must say that we had a great time at the store.  I found so many wonderful bargains, but I was good and did not attempt to buy them all.  haha.

I did buy a new phone (landline).  The ringer on my old phone stopped working a while ago, making it difficult for me to know when the phone was ringing.  I also bought some new clothes for my daughter Laura Jean, and a pretty new blouse for me.  Gosh, it's been a long time since I bought anything frilly for myself.  I usually stick to jeans, tees and sweats. 

After lunch, Deanne and Eddie stopped by to help me figure out how to upload videos to either You Tube or Facebook so that I could share some of the "Wizard" videos.  While Deanne was helping me do this, SIL Eddie got my new phone set up and finished putting my "Stepper" together. 

I wasn't successful with You Tube, but I did manage to upload four videos to my Face Book  page.  If you like, you are welcome  to go there and have a look.  The name on my page is Franny Loud.  You may need to click on being a friend in order to view the videos.  If so, I will friend you as soon as I see the notice.  Have fun.  My very favorite video could not be uploaded because I was holding the phone the wrong way when I taped it, and you have to hold your head sideways to view it.  Ah well, live and learn.

For my first photo today, I have a photo showing the weather we woke up to on Saturday morning.  Before it was over, everything was covered with a few more inches of snow.  Welcome to Spring in New England.

Today is Mandarin Orange Monday, (even though they are on vacation) and I have a new bit of digital art that I created from a photo of our Amaryllis in bloom.  I've also included the original photo that I started with.
Well that's my news for this morning.  I'm going to make a fresh cup of coffee to enjoy while I catch up on some blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Oh that snow just has to stop plaguing you guys! It's been cold for a couple days now it's going into the mid-50s today!

I'm glad you had a successful shopping trip at the new store even if YouTube wasn't as kind. I sent a friend invite on Facebook so I can see the videos! You'll recognize the last name! ;)

Your mandarin orange art today is great! The amaryllis really did turn into dancing flower-fairies!

I hope your red tape with the new insurance goes smoothly.

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

It was a "fruitfull"day for you, great!
Lovely that deanne and Eddie stopped by. How is Eddie doing with his knee?
Always fun to discover a new store, and the more when you can find something you like.
We have very hard winds today, close to storm, specially in the nrth of the Netherlands.
I must do something today and will have to go out, I'll wait a bit till the afternoon. may be the wind will be a bit less.
Have a lovely day

Annesphamily said...

Pretty orange colors! Oh my goodness, I love those photos of Jasmine! Congrats to her. What a terrific kid and I love that song she sang! Hugs, Anne