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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Awesome Job Jasmine. We Are All So Proud Of You.

March 29, 2015

Good morning.  Oh my, I'm bubbling all over with lots of good things to say about the Musical Wizard Of Oz.  I went to Friday evening and yesterday's afternoon performances.  Oh my, it was just fantabulous!!  All the players were just wonderful, and of course, our "Dorothy" was  awesome.

We were allowed to take photos so I took as many as I could. (with my phone)  I didn't do too bad considering there was a wicked tall guy sitting right in front of me. (Friday evening)  He was video taping and kept moving and getting in my view.  Yesterday, I got there so early that I was the fourth person in line to get in.  This time, we got to sit in the front row. 

I won't bore you with a lot of "grandma brag talk", but I do have a few photos to share.  It took me over an hour to go through the photos and pick out just a few to post here.  First I'll start with a photo of Dorothy's precious Toto.  Now tell me honestly, isn't she just the cutest little dog??

Miss Gulch, the wicked neighbor wants to take Toto away from Dorothy, so Dorothy and Toto run away.  Here, they met up with Professor Marvel who is charming our Dorothy with his magic ball.

Dorothy helps the Straw Man down off the pole he is stuck on.  Notice the crows nearby laughing at poor Straw Man.

Next, they meet the Tin Man who needs to be oiled before he can stand up and walk.  Together, they're "off to see the wizard."

In the forest, our travelers  meet up with the Cowardly Lion.  (Note the tall heads in front of me?  Some days it just doesn't pay to be short!)   The Lion wants some courage.  Tin Man wants a heart.  Straw Man wants a brain, and Dorothy wants to go home to Kansas.

They are all nervous waiting to see if the Wizard will see them.  Oh Poor Lion!  Something has squeezed his tail.  Silly Lion, you are squeezing your own tail!!

Oh you mean Wizard!  You've scared poor Lion!   Are you alright Lion?

I got a couple videos (one at each performance that I attended) of Jazzy singing "Over The Rainbow".  However, after spending more than two hours last evening trying to upload one of them to You Tube so that I could share it, I was not able to accomplish this simple task.  I got as far as uploading the video, but then it just said "pending" for the rest of the night.  I finally cancelled it.  This afternoon, I'll see if Deanne can talk me through it.

Well, other than snow Friday night and all day yesterday, that's all my news for this morning.  I'm getting ready to go shopping soon.  So, till  tomorrow, Y'all have a super nice day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

These are just beautiful and your Jasmine is a gorgeous Dorothy. I wish I had pictures like that of my Mother when she played Dorothy at the University Faculty Players. Such memories you have aroused in me :) I do hope you are able to download the videw to You Tube ... and if you do, let me know how you did it because I have had the same issue.

Spring is supposed to get here next week but today it is still cold ... in the 30's at the moment. The migrating birds are showing up slowly but surely. We have had a small group of pelicans on the lake ... I am hoping there will be more. Last year when they came the lake was still frozen so they had to go elsewhere ... I hope they will find their way back here because they are so much fun to watch and to photograph. Our swans are back and I have seen Mergansers and loons on the lake. I sure hope it does warm up so these poor birds can get on their way to there destinations. Still waiting for the Eagles to come back. They should be here for awhile until the boaters start churning up the lake. Then they go where they can fish in peace.

The kids are doing fine. Mint started working this week and Ryan starts next week ... they will hardly see each other because they are on opposite shifts ... that is going to be hard, especially for Mint. But, they have goals and they want to work as much as possible to meet them. I say go for it :) Nothing new and exciting at my house. I started reading again when my computer was in the hospital. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading so I have set time aside each day to read and sip on a cup of tea. As the weather gets wormer, Izzi and I will start our Forest Preserve walks again. I am looking forward to that, both because I get good photos and because I need the exercise to get myself back in shape. Winter is hard for many reasons ... like being shut in the house with food :) Well, that's aboaut it for today. You are blessed with a beautiful and talented granddaughter, Edna ... Stay well and woofs and hugs from Izzi to Pogo.

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

Great photos - she was a fabulous Dorothy and the costumes all look wonderful. Good luck with the video part and You Tube, I've never figured that out yet myself either.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Sunday Morning to both of you! I thought I would drop by just before running some errands that I can't get done during the week. So happy only 2 more weeks with the Accountant to work...can you believe Wednesday is April already?
Time is flying by to quickly!!
Lovely photos of the musical...Dorothy looks great. Will have to check out the video when you get it uploaded....
Love the photo of Pogo sleeping while you are slaving away at cleaning house...ROFL! My fur babies want to help, but just seem to get in the way constantly!
Well, guess I better get busy and get this stuff done or I will procrastinate a little too long and it will not get done, but it must! Y'all have a great week ahead. Hugs, Mat and fur babies :D

Debby said...

I'm sure you are so proud. Sbe made a beautiful Dorothy. The costumes are wonderful. I hope you can download the singing.
Poor Izzy is not doing well. We are so worried.
We had snow Friday night too.

Stacey said...

oh my how awesome! I love the pictures, and would love to see the video! I hope you can get it uploaded. too bad i'm all the way over here in Vegas, I would have loved to have gone and supported your Jazzy!

smiekeltje said...

Of course you are proud. On the photos all looks so great and Jasmine looks to be a wonderful Dorothy.
Cannot help you with uploading the videao, have no clue how to do that.
But all the photos look fantastic!
Must hurry a bit now, want to make my blogpost before I leave.
So happy day

Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna,
Your pictures are just wonderful of Jasmine and she is just the most precious little doggie ever, and I totally love the photo of her and all of the cast together.
Yes I do hope that she will get her dream and be able to go on to Broadway. She is born to be a star, that one is! She was the perfect choice for Dorothy.
Oh and brag all that you want to because that is what we grandma's do.

Must run but will email you shortly. Hugs, Beth

Nani said...

Oh the photos are fantastic! The costuming was great. I like that they had actors playing all the animals too. (probably easier than working with animals too) You have every right to your "proud grandma talk" and it's your blog, Edna, beam away!!

Hugs, Nani