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Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Snow Coming Tonight. Oh Boy!

February 9, 2014

It's cold outside, but the sun is shining so it's not such a bad day.  On my way home from work this morning, we were having a very light sprinkling of snow, but that has stopped already.  Tonight, we are expecting more snow.  Just how much we'll get isn't clear yet.  But I don't have to work tonight, so I'm not too worried about it.

I'm watching the Weather Channel and they are forecasting a mini heat wave for this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with temps in the low 40's F.  Now that I can handle!!!   The bad news is that a weather forecaster on another TV channel is not forecasting this wonderful little heat wave.  Hmm, amazing how different they all read the upcoming weather.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

The Queen Jester has started the Photoshop Friday again, and here is the photo we had to work with this past week.

This photo proved to be quite a challenge.  It's not easy trying to mess up such a pretty little girl.  To see what everyone came up with, visit the Queen Jester's blog.  While you're there, download the picture for this upcoming week and join in the fun.   Here's my Photoshop rendition of the little girl.

Today, I also have a few more photos of the little Juncos at my feeder, along with one Sparrow.

I was hoping to watch the figure skating and the couples skating today, but so far I haven't found either on any channel.  So I guess I'll have a nap instead.  Maybe later on some of the skating will be on TV and I can watch it then.  Right now, Pogo and I are watching Sponge Bob.  Well, I'm watching it.  It seems that Pogo got bored and has fallen asleep in his little bed.   Hmm, maybe I'll join him.

Well that's it for the news today.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be warm and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

It's nice to see that you keep your eye on the sparrow. I really enjoyed your rendition of the little girl the most.

If you ever have a photo you'd like to offer up to our little challenge please don't be shy, sometimes it's hard to come up with an idea for the group.

Anonymous said...

Skating starts @ 2pmm and again tonight....... full schedule of all events on NBColympics ---- other viewing options available ------ have fun !!!

Andrea said...

I would think they would have some of the Olympics on during the day on the weekend. Yesterday I know we didn't get it until the evening and I haven't checked yet today.

Sponge Bob? Really, you can't find anything better than Sponge Bob ... I kid, because when my granddaughter was younger we used to watch Sponge Bob with much interest ... our favorite though was Scooby Doo. Still get a kick out of him so I guess you and I are in our second or third childhood :)

Today the kids will be here for thier birthday dinner which I haven't started yet. Will have to get to it soon. It is in the 20's here, but is supposed to drop down to the subzero temps again this week. I can live with those temperatures because it doesn't stop me from going anywhere (like the snow does), but Izzi hates it because she can't go out to play in it. Sad, Sad little girl. Hopefully we will be seeing some warmer temps soon.

Our new furnace is working great ... no more of those worries. Now I am waiting for the other shoe to drop ... like the flooding that is going to take place when all of this snow melts. Our natural drainage is blocked by huge drifts of snow and the last time that happened all the water ran into our garage ... so if we are smart we will make sure there is noting on the floor that could get ruined ... like my big, very espensive bags of bird seed, ugh! No rest for the weary they say and I believe it ... Hope the end is in sight soon. You have a nice restful day Edna ... nice that you don't have to go to work tonight :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

Annesphamily said...

Edna you tell such a terrific story. I think weather people are terribly overpaid for giving us the wrong info! We were told it would be 45 here today! Ha! Goodness it has been foggy, dark and overcast all day long. Cold, lousy cold. It gets to your bones and I chill easily anyway. At Christmas my grandson Colton gave me an Angel Shaw. It is zebra print and drapes around you like a long shawl. I love it! Sigh! So I am sipping hot tea with my hubby and watching old reruns of "Leverage". Thought we would tune in to the Olympics later. A light dusting of snow is expected here too. Ha! I never trust them. So we bought tons of soup at the store with other items to hunker down if needed. I am getting excited to see Nick run at Nationals in NYC. I hope the weather will be decent although he runs indoor track! We r flying out! It should be quite an adventure! Stay warm and give that Pogo a hug, he is so darn cute!

smiekeltje said...

Sponge Bob!!! LOL! Not one of my favourites, I very much like things as Tom and Jerry, or even The Flinstones,
I too didn;t see too much of the figure skating, it's hard to find a channel where they give the whole programme of it! Pity, cause i did see some of it and it was wonderful!
Great you can stay home the evening, when there is expected more snow.
You did a funny job with the photo of the little girl!
Going to post now, so bye bye, and have a lovely day!