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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Cold And Snowy Here In New England

February 4, 2014

Good morning.  It's such a pretty morning, sunny and cold with lots of snow everywhere.  Yesterday's snow brought a few inches which Joe and one of the other dwarfs quickly shoveled up.  I blurred the background in the second photo on purpose.

Now we are just waiting to see how much more snow we will get tonight and tomorrow.  On top of that, there is more snow expected next Sunday night and Monday.  Oh goodie goodie!

In lieu of anything good to watch on TV, I've had the Jewelry Channel on yesterday and today.  I would have watched one of the other shopping channels but I don't like to buy clothes without trying them on first, and I don't buy make up and beauty products on line.   With those products for choices, I was left with jewelry.  Nope, you don't hear me complaining about that!

Some of the jewelry is just too fussy for me, but then some of it has me drooling over it.  Right now, they are showing an absolutely gorgeous Madeira citrine ring.  Oh my, it is just beautiful!  Such fabulous eye candy!  But I'm being good, and I'm not buying.  Just looking.  I did see a preview of one ring that they might be able to tempt me with.  It was an orange garnet.  Mmm, mmm, mmm!

Yesterday I promised to feature a few of SIL Mac's photo's on today's post.  These are a few that he sent including one photo of the moon that was visible from their porch Sunday night.  This first one is titled "Seen Better Days".

 This one is titled "Misty Morning Walk".

And this was Sunday night's moon.

Mac has a wonderful eye for capturing an interesting image.  Thanks so much Mac, for sharing these great photos.

I need to call my doctor and try to reschedule my check up appointment.  It is scheduled for tomorrow, but I don't want to be out driving around in the snow.  Hopefully, he can fit me in for Thursday. 

Well, that's about all the news for this morning.  Now I think I'll rustle up some breakfast for myself and Pogo.  He has already turned up his nose at the doggie food that I had put down earlier so I'll have to find him something more appetizing.  Gosh, the things we do for our babies!!!   So, till tomorrow, Y'all be warm and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


carolynf said...

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smiekeltje said...

Oh goodie, you have more snow!
Hopefully it will not interrupt again you doctor's appointment.
Those photo's of Mac are really beautiful. Very artsy.
Yes, we do a lot for our pets, sometimes I think too much, but we like to take care of them and are soft hearted LOL!
Have a wonderful day.

Andrea said...

Good Morning, Miss Edna. More snow for you, more snow for me ... seems like more snow for everybody. We were only supposed to get a dusting last night, but I guess the lake effect kicked in because we had 5 inches plus this morning and it is still snowing. My son will have to come snow blow tonight (hopefully after it is over) because I have to drive downtown with my daughter tomorrow.
I am bird sittin and cat sitting. This morning it took me two hours to finish everybody and be able to sit down to breakfast. I was starving and tired, but a good piece of asiago cheese and pepper toast with coconut butter on it and, of course, a hot cup of Mocha coffee and I am good to go.

Yesterday I went to my friends to pick up the birds. Her house is at the bottom of a steep hill ... do you see what's coming? Yes, my car got stuck down there. I couldn't get it up the hill and I call, none other than, my son and to the rescue he came again. He has been our hero this past week. First the furnace deal and now he had to pull me out of my friends driveway ... not to mention that she lives 40 minutes away so he had to come a long way to do it. My mind is working on ways to let him know how much we appreciate him ... open to suggestions :)

I have a lot of blog comments to do. I had to leave yesterday before I was able to read my fellow WBW blogs, so I best get started. You stay in and warm today. Hopefully your doctor will see you on Thursday. You have a very busy schedule to get ready for your trip. Just make sure you don't overdo and end up getting sick again. Be well, my friend ...

Andrea @ From The Sol