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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gosh, It Doesn't Take Much To Make Me Crabby!

February 25, 2014

Well, it's still "good morning" time.  I've been so busy this morning trying to get taxes and bills paid.  I had several papers to sign and return to the accountant, and checks to write and send to the federal and state government.  I also had to take care of local excise and utility taxes, and make sure that Pogo's new license is paid for. 

I've decided on which suitcase to pack, and which carry on Pogo will use.  I'm about ready to tape up my selfie "mailer" box and get it ready for the post office later today.  One of Pogo's little jerseys needed to have a pocket stitched, so I did that.  I've made my list of what to pack in my carry on case, and I've started a new bag of clothing to leave out for the Big Brother Big Sister truck that will be coming by tomorrow morning. 

Last night, I put a couple more rows on the pink thing before snuggling down and falling asleep.  There is crapola on TV most nights now.  If I could figure out how to keep my favorite programs (there's only a few) without cable, I would get rid of cable.  It's a lot of money to pay for the few programs and re-runs that I watch.  Hmmm, I'll have to give this one some more thought.

Yesterday morning, I took a few photos of the moon.  It was so pretty, and the clouds were moving by rather quickly hiding the moon and then showing it again.

The oxygen therapy folks called again this morning to say that they would be bringing by a concentrator for nighttime use.  I just don't understand this doctor of mine.  During the night, I don't move much at all, and therefore have fewer problems with breathing.  However, during the day, walking and climbing steps, etc, do create problems and yet the doctor seems to think that I am just fine during the day.  God love his fabulously stupid little brain!

I know, that wasn't nice of me, but right now I don't feel like being nice to the doctor.  He has been billing Medicare and me every visit for regular oxygen tests, and hasn't taken one yet.  A regular oxygen  test should take up to six minutes and include walking and climbing stairs in one's normal fashion.  His tests have only taken 30 seconds to a minute and one short walk part way down the corridor and back after sitting for a spell.  This is not nice!

Okay, time to get over the crabbies.  Life is too short and I'd rather be smelling the roses.  It's coming on time to make some lunch.  Pogo has been sitting here patiently waiting for me to finish everything and head for the refrigerator.  He knows that there is turkey and chicken in there, and I do believe that is what he is waiting for.  Such a smart fellow, my Pogo! 

Enough of my babble.  Lunch and housework await me.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

For a minute there I had you confused with one of the dwarfs...grumpy.
It's a good thing you are almost ready to head to Florida, the winter is starting to get to you.
Hang in there my friend!

smiekeltje said...

Well, you are not the only one who doesn;t understand sometimes the doctors and their actions. When I go for annual control I am ready in about 5 minutes, (not that I really mind LOL), but a real check sin;t done. Still their time and such are charged heavily to the health insurance.
Oh well, for as long as i don;t have real probelsm, I am happy to only be at the check for a few minutes.
Perhaps you could phone your doctor to ask again why he thinks you need the oxygen at night, when you're sleeping?
Gosh, you did a lot of things, busy bee!!
The day of leave for vacation is hurrying by, soon you'll be able to realx and enjoy, hopefully, some good weather and nice company!
Take care.