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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sky Is Gorgeous This Morning

January 25, 2012

Do you believe, there are only six more days left in January?  I'm not sure where it's all going, but it does bring us closer to Spring.  The sun is shining this morning, and it's not really cold.  It's 37 degrees, on it's way up to around 42 degrees.  Oooooh, I can dig this! 

When I was leaving work this morning, the sky was so pretty that I had to stop and take a few photos.  Have a look.  Is this not beautiful?

Yesterday, I finally got around to putting away the last of the Christmas things.  While I'm typing this, my eye catches the bow on the outside of the door.  I'll have to take that down and wrap it and put it away for next December.

I also finally opened the boxes of  Paperwhite bulbs and planted them.  It's a good thing I did not wait much longer because they were already starting to grow.  Let's see if I can grow these without causing them any bodily harm. 

This week will feel like being on vacation.  Because of swaps and fill ins, I'm off now until next Tuesday night.  If the weather stays decent, maybe Tootsie and I can go out on a couple of photo shoots at the park. 

I'm going to stop here.  Blogger is giving me a bad time.  Every time I stop typing for a few seconds, the page freezes up for almost a minute before I can type more.  So till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I don't think you can hurt paper whites. It certainly is glorious to see something blooming in the winter and they bring such cheer.

Donna said...

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window and saw the same sky and immediately thought of you -- and hoped that you were up with camera in hand. Lo and behold -- you were. Love the photo -- it's a keeper.

Nani said...

Beautiful sky! Yanno, I wake up before the sun does at this time of year, but I never open the blinds to watch it as much as I love watching the sunrise. I think it's a fear of seeing snow.

Let me know how it works with the paper whites. I've seen on blogs where they can be planted in pots for indoors and they'll bloom in the winter. That would be so cool...if I didn't kill them. Spire, the momma baby rubber tree plant has been a little sad lately. I need to replant her in a bigger pot. I'll have extra potting soil, so I'm looking for a project! :D

Hope you and Tootsie get some nic3e days for photos this week!
Hugs, Nani

Mary Ann Roesler said...

I finally caught up on all your blogs...sorry to be so unfaithful but forgot how filled your day can be filled with a husband after day surgery! ...and I didn't break any dishes. Did you ever think about a doubler for the lens you have...will be a lot lighter and besides your the only person I know that get's perfect photos of the moon handheld...are you shooting for Jupiter!