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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Green Thumbs On Me

January 11, 2012

Good morning.  I had to work last night to fill in for someone, and she will work my Saturday night.  Not a bad deal!  But now I'm home and my Tootsie is very happy.  We are watching the weather channel to see what sort of day we will have.  The weatherman is forecasting snow for tonight and rain for tomorrow and part of Friday.  At the moment, it is 33 degrees working toward a high of 36. 

Tonight, my grandson will be leaving for Florida to stay with his Dad for a while.  This will be good for both of them.  I'm hoping that the rain up and down the coast does not hamper his travel. 

The countdown is on:  44 days till we leave for Florida and 69 days till Spring.  I think Tootsie and I are ready for a vacation.  With luck, we will be joined by Su and Audrey.  This should make for an awesome vacation! 

Well, I finally did it!  A month ago, I bought a Christmas cactus plant that had beautiful fuchsia flowers.  Every now and then I touch it and accidentally knock off a flower or bud.  I forget to water it, or I give it too much water.  Either way, this morning I accidentally knocked the plant off the window sill.  It hit the floor in lots of little pieces, scattering dirt everywhere.  I vacuumed up the dirt and tossed the plant in the trash.  If I used my brain, I would just cut out a picture of the plant and tape the picture to the window sill.  It would live much longer.

For today's photo, I had to dig into my reserve files.  I chose a bright, cheery butterfly photo that I took last October.  My hope is that it will brighten your day.

Before I left for home this morning, I did get a couple of shots of the moon.  I had to shoot it through tree limbs, but it still came out pretty good.

Yesterday, I got the results of my recent blood work.  I do not have Lyme Disease, and my cholesterol numbers aren't too far off.  So I guess I'm good for a while. 

Now it's time to get busy here.  Dee and Eddie are here so that Eddie can fix a ceiling light.  The light croaked last night just as I was leaving for work.  So that's it for this morning folks.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Chris Allport said...


Did you know that you can make a new plant from the little bits.

If you break of a piece from the plant and put it in new soil it should grow roots and eventually you will get a new plant.

Lots of luv


The Queen Jester said...

Beautiful butterfly pic. It's good to have the countdown to spring. I've already planned a couple of garden remodels I want to tackle this year.
My plan is to make this year the best ever - not stressed out but productive.

Donna said...

Edna -- sorry to hear about your cactus, but even if you have smaller shoots or branches, you should be able to root them and then you will have lots of plants. You can summer them outdoors and they should be a substantial size for next fall......the only trick is that they will probably bloom on their own time schedule....
Hope this helps, Donna

Snowy said...

Good to hear your medical tests came out with good results , I wanted to tell you about the plant and rowin a new one out of it , but I see that others have already done that,lol.
Be careful if you get more snow. And thank you for the calendar you sent me , its lovely :) -hugs Snowy

Nani said...

My Christmas cactus finally died at the hands of my golden brown thumb last spring. It did take a year skip for it to bloom again after I got it. I read that was common. You can grow plants from pieces; remember my "sprout" from a few summers ago? He's grown into a much larger plant who'll be getting a larger pot this year. But baby rubber tree plants, like mine, Spire and Sprout, are easy to grow and easy to care for. So ate ivies. Christmas Cacti need more attention.

My visiting friends are leaving tomorrow morning instead of Friday because of the snow coming our way by tomorrow afternoon. They'll be back for a longer visit in June, but still, the snow is chasing my best friend away and that does not please me a bit!

Ah, Florida! Email me an orange when you're there?? :)

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Happy to hear your blood results were on the good side!
Ha, I see others already told you that you can grow a new plant from the scattered cactus.
I am not too bad if it comes to keep and grow plants in the garden, but indoor plants have a nad life with me LOL!
Now Jan is taking care of them and they are doing a lot better!
Nice that you have Saturday night off from work because of the change.
Be careful if there will be some snow, could be slippery on the roads!
Have a great day.