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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Cold Weather Has Caught Up To Us

January 15, 2012

Brrrr!  It's cold here in my little part of New England.  Only 11 degrees F.  Winter temps have caught up to us.  When it's cold like this, the house just never seems to warm up.  But it will get better.  The weatherman is promising 31 degrees tomorrow.  Then 42 on Tuesday. 

I've been busy this morning trying to go through a lot of clothes.  It's amazing how we hang on to things even when they no longer fit us.  Who know?  We might lose weight and get back into them.  Keep dreaming kiddo!  If that happens, I'll treat myself to some new clothes.

I just turned on the electric fireplace.  Thank goodness for that little gem.  When my hands start getting cold, I know it's time to turn it on.   I should have turned it on earlier but I was so busy that I did not even notice the cold. 

Eddie is supposed to be coming by today to measure the pantry ceiling so that he can pick up whatever materials he needs to put in a new ceiling.  The old tiles that are up are looking pretty shabby and really need to be replaced.

I have some photos to share that I took at work Friday.   I know they could be better, but I'm shooting through windows that are in dire need of a good washing.  Come Spring, I'll see about washing a few of them myself.

Now I think I should get dressed.  Dee and Eddie will be here soon.  Stay warm folks, and till tommorow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kelly said...

Beautiful pics of the Cardinals! The wind chill here was in the single digits last night, so I'm with ya on the cold part! Stay warm and God Bless!

smiekeltje said...

The cardinals look gorgeous.
Here too it's getting a little bit colder, but if the weatherman is right, to the end of the week temps will creep up again a little.
Don;t get too cold, LOL. When the cold sneeks into your hands and feet, it creeps up your body without you noticing, till it's too late. You feel cold all over and then it is sooooo hard to get warmed up again!
Have a lovely day.