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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sausage And A Fried Egg Sandwich - YUM!

November 22, 2009

What a gorgeous morning we have today. The sun is shining and it is not very cold. It's so nice, that I stopped on my way home from work to do a bit of shopping. Even found myself a lovely new fragrance at a perfume counter. When I got home, I sprayed a bit on Moo's hand to see if he liked it, and well!!! Do I need to tell you about his YUKs! PHEW's! etc? Men! They just don't understand sometimes what's a nice smell and what isn't.

I even made breakfast for Tootsie and myself. I offered it to Moo, but he wasn't very hungry. Oh well, all the more for us. Sausage and a fried egg sandwich. Yum!! I can't do this every morning, but once in a while it does taste good.

While I was shopping, I also picked me up a laptop bed table. It's really quite neat - has a separate space to the side for the mouse and the mouse pad. Now I can diddle my time away on my laptop while I'm sitting up in my cozy little bed watching television. How's that for being lazy and spoiled? Yes'm, I sure do like it!

The house is bit quiet this morning. The dwarfs are a bit subdued. Seems there was a bit of a squabble earlier, but now it has passed by. What can I say? At times, men are really just little boys in big guy's bodies.

Before I left work this morning, I had to go out and start my car up so that the thin layer of ice on my windshield could melt. While I was out there, I took a few photos of a little pink rose bud that I thought was so pretty. It was covered with dew, and looked like it had sugar sprinkled all over it. What do you think?

Mary Ann, I want to thank you for that great advice on shooting photos of the rain. I appreciate all the help I can get. This week, I am going to see about getting me a rain bonnet for my camera, and then I'll just keep on trying.
Now it's time for me to check out my email, and maybe do a few things around the house. Maybe just one or two things. I don't like to go crazy with housework. Y'all have a fantastic day now.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowraven aka Silke said...

Lol- I can almost see Moo's face when he was sniffing the fragrance- maybe there's something wrong with his new nose???? Are you sure his sense of smell has not been altered,lol??? Hah hah - I know what you mean though - he would go nuts if he would have to smell my collection of perfums,Rofl. Sausage and egg, hey ? Sounds good-how about bacon and egg??? That's my favourite ,lol. It must be colder over there than here, we have no frost in the moment on the cars. I actually turned the heating down again. That little rose looks nice- you really use any opportunity to shoot photos,lol-I think I have to be careful when I come over so you don't catch me on camera when I'm up to mischief.(torture sessions included,lol)