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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Purple Memories

November 18 , 2009

This morning the weather is still a bit on the gray side. Yesterday, about halfway through the morning, the day turned just lovely. Sunny and warmer. So there is still hope for today. I have just finished my coffee, and Moo has just left to keep his appointment with the doctor for the "unveiling." From the size of the bandaging, I cannot imagine what the doctor's magic looks like, but we shall soon see.

Crooknees, your comment about your purple engagement ring brought back some beautiful memories for me. Growing up, and well into adulthood, I had a very special friend. She was the mother of my very first love, and she always looked after me as though I were her daughter. I called her "My Mary" and "Dolly," and I loved her so. When life was not being nice to me, and I really needed some TLC, My Mary was there. I always told people she was my "adopted" Mother.

About a year before My Mary passed away, she gave me her favorite ring, saying that she wanted to make sure that I got it. She told me how, when she first met her husband Bob, he was so smitten that he had a special "friendship" ring made for her. The stone had to be purple, and the ring had to look "antique." This all took place back in the 1920's.

That beautiful little ring is still on my hand today. If I ever feel lonely, or in need of some mothering, I just look at it and think of My Mary. She was such a beautiful person, and I have missed her very much. Here is a photo that I just took to show you my lovely ring. I had to take it off to get a decent shot of it.

Now on to my designing woes. I think my brains have scrambled. Last night I sat down to make some scrap elements, and after just one hour I found myself doing a jigsaw puzzle. Even Miss Tootsie was in a lazy mood. She just sat beside me and snoozed. We make a great pair!!
Today, I thought I would share a couple more photos that I took at our local park a couple of weeks ago. Nature, and birds and animals especially, fascinates me. I am always so pleased when a photo turns out quite nice. When photographing birds, I try to get them in motion. Look at the beauty and grace in these two photos. I really do have to start thinking of putting a lot of these into a book. A piece of me to leave behind for my family.
Well, I think I shall try again now to do a bit of designing. I have some lovely new brushes that I want to play with, maybe make some more QP's for you. On that note, I shall take my leave here. Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowraven aka Silke said...

What a lovely story with your adopted mum and the ring ! The ring is lovely as well! Looks like a deep purple Amethyst on the photo. As always you photos are stunning, lol- my little Kodak cannot keep up wih that. But it does it's job not too badly. Have a great time designing with your new brushes -Hugs Snowy