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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Missing you, Mr. B.

November 29, 2009

It's been two years today, and I'm missing you Mr. B. Granted, it does get easier each day to go on by myself, but something is definitely missing. I guess mostly it's the companionship. I love Tootsie to bits, but she never argues with me, and she never ever tries to sweet talk me out of the remote control for the TV. The holidays aren't quite the same either. I tried showing Tootsie the different things I bought before I wrapped them, and she just rolled over and went to sleep. Good doggie!

Some of the dwarfs seem to think they see you now and then lurking in one of the hallways. It keeps them on their toes, because they think you are checking up on them. Did you know that another ghost has been seen here too? A little girl I think. I haven't seen her, but others have. I hope both your souls are at peace.

I dug out another fun memory picture of us to scrap. That's something else I miss, some of the fun places we went and the fun things we did together. These pictures that we had taken every year at the fair hold so many wonderful memories for me. If you set them all side by side, you can see us growing older. Every year, a few more wrinkles, a lot more gray hair, and even some with less hair. But always the same smiles.

Miss Tootsie must know that today I'm a bit melancholy, because she doesn't seem to leave my side for very long. She misses you too. Her favorite chair is still the big black leather recliner that you and her always sat in to watch television.
I don't go by the softball field very often, but I do wonder how you like it there. Do you get many chances to help the younger pitchers out? Do they even realize that someone is there helping them? I suppose it doesn't matter though, as long as you are happy there. When the time comes, I think I would like for me and my doggies to be scattered in a field amongst a lot of wildflowers. I love flowers so I think that would be nice.
Well, it's time for me to get Tootsie's meds and maybe make a cup of coffee. Be at rest, Sweetheart.
Love, Mrs. B.


smiekeltje said...

It still isn;t a long time you have to miss your Mr.B. And I can understand sometimes the melancholie takes a bit over. Don;t worry, it;s a good thing, it means you had good times together and he's still keeping an eye on you! Although it's in a different way, it must be a good feeling. I think he will be proud of you the way you handle the situation. A big comporting hug sending your way!
And another one as extra.

suruha said...

Oh, Edna! My heart goes out to you, dear lady! It is so special that you write to your loved one and 'talk' to him in that way. Such love I have never known.

We do have the conversations with them, eh? Why not write it to them? LOL We keep our loved ones near by doing things like this. I "moved" my mother to a better location after she passed - my heart. Now, I imagine she is as close as the beat of my heart and that gives me comfort.

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I'm sorry you're melancholy, but, hey, sometimes it can be good. At least, I think so. Just take advantage of those moments and get some extra-special cuddling from Tootsie.

Blessings to you, Edna. And, a great big hug, too! LOL


Nani said...

Edna, thank you so much for haring your talk with Mr. B with us! I can feel the love you have for him in your words. It does get a little easier every day. The pain fades a little more ad the happy memories become more vibrant and even more precious. The smiles in those photos never changed and they never will.

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