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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Flash Back To Olden Days

November 12, 2009

Good Morning. Yesterday, Moo came through his surgery with flying colors. The bad news - they had to take a bit more nose than we had hoped for; the good news - the doctor says she got all the cancer. Moo's spirits are up, but this morning is a toughie. He has to be at the hospital very early this morning for the re-constructive surgery. He says "A cup of coffee would be nice."

Here is a layout that I made last night of Moo before yesterday's surgery, and after. Even with the bandage, he's still handsome, and has a good sense of humor. I'll have some coffee waiting for you when you get home today, Moo. We'll put a straw in it, and you'll be good to go.

Well, the car just pulled out, and he is in greater hands now. This feeling I have is a huge helplessness. It is just awful when you cannot do something to help a loved one who is hurting. but we are fighters in this family, and this is just one more hurdle we will get over.
I have another picture to share today. We have a little sign hanging in our kitchen that helps to keep a bit of order around the house. Dwarfs do squabble and pout every now and then, but this little reminder keeps most of them on their best behaviour. I think Moo found the little sign one summer at a yard sale.

I have not been able to get into a designing mood these past two weeks. Mostly, I have just been relaxing and getting acquainted with my laptop. But I must make the effort real soon because the ladies in the forum have been designing up a storm. Already, they have most of the January Daily Download kit done, and some of the challenges.
I did make a surprise picture for the young lady (Tram) who owns the nail salon where I go. There is a gorgeous very large, hand painted fan hanging up high on one of the walls at the shop. I took a photo of it the last time I was there, and I took a couple of photos of Tram. With the help of Photoshop, I was able to use the fan as a background, and I think the finished picture came out quite nice. I will give it to her this weekend.

I think I will go make myself another cup of coffee. This morning I am rather nervous, and will be until my brother is back home. Gosh, I just thought of a very old memory that I can share. When we were just little kids, we were out playing one afternoon and must have been squabbling about something. Back then, we had fire boxes on the electric poles.
My brother got so frustrated with me that he picked up a stone and threw it at me. I moved and the stone hit the fire box and set off the alarm. Next thing, all hell broke loose. The fire trucks showed up, but of course, there was no fire. When they all left, our mother got out the paddle, and the fire on our little bottoms heated up. Next day, the newspaper headline read "Little Brother Throws Rock, Big Sister Ducks."
This time, I'm really off to make some coffee. Y'all have a fantastic day now.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowraven aka Silke said...

Stay strong , Edna ! Moo is is in my thoughts again as well ! Lol- love the sign you got hanging up, and the story about you moving is a classic. Nice layout you made there, I'm sure she will be delighted with it. Just take it easy and try not to worry to much.Lol- says the person who worries all the time -ironic , hey? I had to promise his Majesty to try not to worry, but I suppose that comes automatically with people you love. I'm there for you as always if you need chat- Hugs Snowy