Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Farewell To August

August 31, 2021

Good morning.  Gosh, it's almost noon, and I've just woke up!  I did not get much sleep last night, and when I finally dozed off, it was almost time to get up.  While I was sleeping, August was taking her final bows.  Here's a cute image I borrowed from the web.

On a happy note, I did call the yarn company yesterday and was able to order some of those beautiful new colored yarns.  I'll have some photos to share on the next post.

During all this heat, my roses have not fared well, while Deanne's roses are thriving.  Have a look at these beauties.

My phone's weather app is not very smart.  It says that we should be getting some rain today, but then it shows a hot and cloudy day for all day.???  I wonder who makes these apps.  Are they really cooking on all burners?  Ah well, if nothing else, at least my app is entertaining.

Storm Ida has made her way East, and should get here in the next day or two.  Meanwhile, I'll have to go out in a while and water all my plants.  The Weather Channel is saying that we'll be getting some rain tomorrow afternoon and on Thursday.

Today is going to be another lazy day for me.  I'll package up the baby blanket and get it ready for mailing.  After that, ???  We'll see.  I'll do the dishes first and take it from there.  The "dishes" are mostly things that were in the refrigerator.  Last evening, I cleaned out the refrigerator.  It seems that lots of things get put in there and then forgotten about.  Yuk Yuk.  Are you like that too?

One of these days, I need to re-pot some new Aloe Vera plants.  They are all shoots from my big plant.  Deanne and I planted them in a long planter box earlier this year, and they are all doing really well.  Now I just have to find homes for some of them.

I can't remember if I ever posted a photo of Clyde enjoying a snack, so I'll post it today.  He really is such a cutie!

Now I'm going to make a cup of coffee and make some brunch.  Then I can do some blog reading.  So, till Thursday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Steve Reed said...

Clyde IS a cutie. Hopefully by the time Ida gets to you she'll just bring rain, which it sounds like you need anyway! Hard to believe August is over, isn't it?

smiekeltje said...

Long sleep is good. it doesn;t happen to us all the time, hey?
Nice you cold order some of the new yarn.
It is not to reason why some roses do well and some not. We have several roses and they also differ from doing fantastic to almost nothing.
Oh, I now about stuff that stays in the fridge and is kind of forgotten. I try to check at least once a week if there are things that dont belong there anymore.
(I have good and I have worse times, LOL)
Surely there will be people happy with a new shoot of aloe vera.
We had not a bad day today. weather is changing somewhat to better, hoorray.
Tomorrow I have some plans, hopefully I will do them(like changing duvet covers , perhaps some sanding , we'll see).
Have a great day, do the dishes and see what you comes into your mind then, hahaha.
Hope IDA gives you just a bit of rain(that's always nice) but not too much trouble.
Big hug

Rita said...

Clyde is very sute! We had a tri-color many years ago and I had others, too, so I have a soft spot for guinea pigs. :)

Will be waiting to see your pretty yarn.

Suemn said...

Aw Clyde... such a sweetie:) Yes, I have the same problem with food getting lost in the refrigerator. I do my best to get the food eaten before it goes bad but sometimes I forget what I've put in there until it goes bad. Have a good day today!

My Tata's Cottage said...

Aw...CLyde made me smile. So cute. These storms are something. Friends in Louisana have a mess to clean up and other areas were simply wiped out. So very sad.
I hope Annie and her husabnd come to some agreement to school the girls at home. I follow a chiro dr. in St. Louis and he and others are planning to pool their resources, open their own school. A few teahcers are teaching kids from home while parents pool their money to pay for the services. It has all gotten absolutely out of hand.
Tony Dow was was Wally on Leave it to Beaver is hospitalized with pneumonia and a cough. No virus, just like Nick, pneumonia.
Life is hard, I just pray.