Sunday, August 22, 2021

Henri Is Closing In On Us

August 22, 2021

Good morning.  Be careful of what you wish for.  I've been saying that we could use some rain.  And guess what.  Henri is coming with lots of rain.  So far, the rain isn't heavy.  But then, it's supposed to rain for a couple days.  At least that's what  I'm getting from the different weather forecasts.  

Deanne came by Friday after work, and helped me to place another grocery order from a different market.  This one charged for delivery, but it gave me everything I ordered.  Including my popsicles.  This made me very happy.  

Later, I worked on the baby blanket for a while.  I finished about forty two rows and stopped to look it over.  On No!  I found a mistake way back if the beginning rows.  I tried to figure a way to fix it, but could not.  That left only one thing to do.  And, if I had to rip it all out, I would not be making another blanket from that pattern.  

So, here's where I'm at now.

 I had to roll two whole skeins of yarn into balls.  Then I started a different new blanket.  The shell stitch was very pretty, but I'm done with it.  It takes too long.  Somewhere along the way, I've hurt my right wrist.  It's very sore and I can't use my hand for a lot of things, or I end up ouching!  So far, though, I can still crochet, just not so fast.

Tomorrow is trash pickup day here.  We won't be putting the trash out though.  We'll just have to use an extra barrel and put it out next week.  We're supposed to be getting some pretty strong winds with this storm, and we don't want to take a chance on the wind tossing the trash around on the street.

Let me share a wonderful image that I borrowed from the web.  Hug someone, or a cat or a doggie.  I promise, it will feel good.

Now I'm going to put the Weather Channel back on to see what's happening with Henri.  So, till tomorrow,  Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Hoping you will not have all too much trouble with Henri!!
Oh I know what is is to rip out a lot of the work just done! If it is not too far away the mistake, okay I go on but otherwise I do look for something different, or at least another sticht.
Take care with that wrist, don;t use it too much on the crochet perhaps for a day or two? Yat's why I like more the knitting, I have almost no trouble with the wrists.
Pity you are charged for delivery at that market, but otherwise lovely, they had all you needed.
Have a lovely day, hopefully not too strong winds from the storm.

Steve Reed said...

Good luck with Henri! Keep us posted! I admire your dedication (or perfectionism?) unraveling that blanket because of one little mistake. I think I would have just kept going!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Hoping Henri goes on his merry way, quietly and without consequence. Here in Middle Tennessee yesterday the county of Humphreys was hit with 17 inches of rainfall in a six hour period, and there is utter devastation everywhere.
Hoping you stay safe dear friend.

Barbara said...

I don't often think of how hurricanes can affect your part of the country, but it's very real, isn't it?! I just hope it's nothing disastrous.

Sorry about the crochet project. That must have been a real disappointment. I do like the yarn you are using.

And the Winnie the Pooh graphic -- such truth there!

Moggie said...

I'm glad you got your popsicles! And all the other stuff on your grocery order. Stay safe. Get your emergency stuff ready, just in case...batteries, radio, do you have a battery pack like a Jackery, to keep your phone going in case you lose electricity? I hope Henri is not bad in your area.

Rita said...

Stay safe and dry! :)

Theresa said...

Oh dear friend, I pray you stay safe in the storm. I am watching the news on TV now and it seems to not be as bad as anticipated. I hope that is the case where you are. I am sorry about the mistake but it is very pretty colors.
Have a blessed day and enjoy the popsicles!

Anne Robinson said...

I love that Pooh. :-)