Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Lots Happening Here

August 10, 2021

Good morning.  It's looking like another misty day with the sunshine coming out later  today and temps around eighty degrees.  I'd call it another perfect summer day.

No rant today!  My grocery order will be here in a couple hours, so it's going to be a busy morning.  I already know what I forgot to order.  Oh well.  I can make another order in a few days.  

Yesterday, dwarf Joe came home early from work.  He wasn't feeling so good.  He ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance.  Last night he texted that the doctors were going to remove his appendix, so he would be there a couple more days.  

***update.  Joe just called.  Actually, they will be draining any extra fluid with a wick, then he comes home for a couple days to take antibiotics.  Then he goes back to hospital to have appendix removed.

I did a little crocheting yesterday.  The baby hat that I had started had to be unraveled because I started with the wrong amount of chains.  So I did that, and put a few more rows on it.  I'll probably finish it today or tomorrow.

The yarn that I had ordered came in the mail yesterday.  Next I need to get crackin' and finish the two pocket wraps that I'm making.  I think I've decided to make a solid granny rectangular afghan.  I think.  It's not definite yet.  And then, of course, I need to decide on the colors for it.  (Ah, fun!)

Here's a cute story I found on the web.  It should start your day with a giggle.

Now I'm off to the kitchen to make some breakfast and a cup of coffee.  Then I have to get ready for my grocery delivery.  So, till Thursday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

I know about forgetting to buy groceries. Just came home from grocerie shopping, and noticed I forgot to buy potatoes. I still have so in a few days I will go for them.

Not nice news about Joe, but all can end well, first I feared it was Covid he got, when starting the message. Poor guy, first the draining and then back again for surgery. He will have to recover well from it. Hope all goes okay, give him by very best wishes, please?

Very curious to know which colour(s) you will use fro the granny afghan.

Have a wonderful day, take it quiet with ptting away the groceries, slow does the trick.


Buttercup said...

Having my coffee and enjoying blog visits. Getting hotter here, but that is August. Hanging on to summer. It will be cold soon enough. Take care and prayers for Joe.

Steve Reed said...

It always amazes me how I ALWAYS forget something when I go to the grocery store!

Theresa said...

Oh goodness, praying that the appendix surgery goes well. Cute cartoon:)
Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Whenever i forget to take my list with me to the grocery store, I forget something, but then sometimes I forget even when I brought the list. So, dear Edna, it happens to everyone! Hope that dwarf Joe will be feeling better soon.