Monday, August 30, 2021

Hurricane Ida Is Now An Aggressive Tropical Storm

August 30, 2021

Good morning.  Are you noticing?  There's only today and tomorrow left in this month.  Time is picking up a little bit of speed.  In just a few weeks, we'll be starting a brand new season.  My phone app says that today will be sunny and very warm until mid afternoon.  Then we should be getting rain that will last for a few hours.  Of course, this is a "we'll see" situation.  My phone app doesn't always tell it like it is.

Yesterday was a quiet day here.  I did get to chat with my cousin for a while on the phone.  Her little dog, Ginger, hasn't been feeling so good these past few days.  I found a pretty plushy dog bed on line, and ordered it for her.  I'm hoping it will help her to feel better.  It's really a quite comfy bed.

I also worked on the pocket wraps for a while.  One of them is finally at the half way mark.  The other one needs about eight more rows to reach the half way mark.  Little by little.  I'm getting there.  

Today I want to call Herrschners to find out about some new yarn that I'm seeing in their latest catalogue, but is not posted online yet.  One is a new variegated yarn in baby pastels, and I want it to make my next crib blanket.  

Hurricane Ida may now be called a Tropical storm, but she has left horrendous loss and damage to so many folks,  The whole of New Orleans has no electrical power.  More than one million folks in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi have no power.  The storm is still dumping lots of rain and will continue to do so as it moves East and Northeast.  We should be getting some rain from it by Thursday.  (according to the Weather Channel)  

I was talking to a friend of mine recently and we discovered that not all of us know what to do when there are tornado warnings in our areas.  So, I borrowed this image from the web and hope that it is helpful.

And don't forget to keep your pets safe.  They are part of your family.  Keep them with you and provide protection for them too.  

Now I think I'm going to head for the kitchen and whip up some breakfast and a cup of coffee.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Theresa said...

Yes, the month is almost gone. Not sure where it went:) I am watching the news about IDA, she has really left a mess and not finished yet. Have a blessed and cozy day. The doggie bed looks like snuggly:)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The news about Ida and the damage and devastation it has left (and continues leaving) in LA and other states is very sad, especially the loss of power for so many that will cause more frustration. That was such a nice thing to do for your cousin's dog, Ginger, and the bed does look comfy so hopefully she will enjoy! Also, good advice about what to do in case of tornado warnings. As we live on the top floor of the mill apts, we don't have a basement of our own, just the one for the entire building which owuld not be able to contain all the residents (sigh).

Edna, I read your comment on my post about the widget tool icons being gone and with it gone you may not be able to add or delete to your Favorite Links listing on the sidebar. Hopefully, this feature is not GONE for all time because it was a really useful one for me and many others.

Buttercup said...

My heart is breaking for all the loss with Ida. I remember how long it took to rebuild areas of New York after Sandy and know that this won't be fixed fast. Take good care.

smiekeltje said...

We saw the results of IDA on tv and it is enormous and so sad for all the people involved.
So nice of you to order that bed for Ginger, it looks real comfy.
You see, slowly your crochet projects reach towards the end. Hope the new yarn will be available for you online, so you can start soon with the baby project. Curious for the colors in it.
We had better weather today, it was feeling milder, there is some sunshine too.
You have yourself a fantastic day,

Rita said...

Damage and power loss--those poor people!
That looks like a really comfy pillow for a sick little doggie.
What a sweet gift!

Carol said...

Such devastation has been caused by Ida and yet, we all know that it is only one of many storms that we will see like this. Hurricane season has just begun for the year and we must wonder what others will be like. Prayers to those in the path of this massive storm.

Suemn said...

That is a very cute bed for Ginger. I hope she feels better soon!

Anne Robinson said...

A blog friend is a native to NOLA. She says the storm took out all the power lines and that is why this happened. Those lines withstood Katrina and fell under Ida. SO much loss of life and yet these politicians with their rules and controlling agenda. Makes me angry and sick. NOLA has neighborhoods wiped out under at least 9-10 feet of water. Very sad.
Ginger's bed is sure cute.
We have to pray.