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Thursday, September 26, 2019

I'm Working My Way Back

September 26, 2019

Good morning.  Tis a lovely sunny Fall day here in New England, and I'm starting to feel like the old me again.  Thank you for your well wishes.  It's been quite a week here. 

I finally went into my laptop this morning.  It took me a half  hour to get rid of all the junk email.  It's amazing how much of it piles up when you don't check it every day.  It's a good thing I checked it today because there was a coupon there that I needed and it expires tonight.

I'm not sure what made me so sick, but I have a theory, and if I'm right, I'll talk more about it later.  I did call my doctor a few days ago to see if maybe there was a killer flu going around.  I haven't got my new shot yet and I was worried about it. 

I told the nurse on the phone what was happening to me, how I couldn't stand up and walk even a few feet without being so dizzy that I had to sit right back down.  I told her about the hot and cold sweats all day and night long and asked what might be causing it.  She said "Oh no, there's nothing going around that I know of.  I can't imagine what this might be.  Would you like to come in?"  I asked her  "do you really think I should try to drag my self out to my car and attempt to drive it when I can't even make it across the floor to the kitchen?"    I said thank you, hung up the phone and crawled backed under my blanket.

Is it any wonder that I don't have much admiration for today's doctors?  The old ones, the smart ones, are all my age and pretty much gone now.  Their replacements are only book smart (to a point) and have no person to person manners.  We used to call this bedside manners, but they don't see you sick in bed anymore so I'm not sure what you call it now. 

I watched an ad on TV a while ago, and I had to laugh.  The lady in the ad was saying to talk to your doctor, tell him all your worries. Discuss all things about your health with your doctor, ask him questions.

At no point, did this nice lady explain that each different subject is considered (by the doctor) as a consultation and billed to the insurance as such.  There's even a sign hanging up in the exam rooms now (at least at my doctor's office) that explains how there is no charge for the physical, but any discussion about something else is considered a consult and we have to charge you a copay.

Pogo had a doctor appointment yesterday morning but I had to call and reschedule it.  I still was not very good on my feet.  My little guy has been so good through all of this.  He doesn't understand why we couldn't go out on the porch or in the yard, but he does not complain.  I put his new bed on the end of the sofa and he would keep an eye on me while we napped.

One day, a while ago, I came across a photo on FaceBook that could have almost come out of my scrapbook and I downloaded it.  Then I went into my old photo archives to find my photo.  What do you think?   This is the Facebook picture.

And this is my photo.  I think this was taken in 1954 or 1955 and he was my first true love.

While I was looking for my photo, I came across a favorite old one of mine.  These were our first grandchildren, and Papa and I had taken them to the Fair for the afternoon.  They are, left to right, second born, JC,   third born, Trio,  and first born, Bobby.  We had this photo taken at the Fair.  Aren't  they just the cutest little guys?  Today they are all in their mid to late thirties.  Where has all the time gone?

Okay, enough of my babble.  I have so much blog reading to catch up on, it will probably take me a day or two to do it.  I haven't had a cup of coffee in a long time, so I'm going to make me a cup now and try to catch up on some of that reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I must first say, baby Pogo know he is precious with that one eye. (lol) I am glad you are doing better. I started several times to send you an email but I've been ill off and on and I went online to see the side effect of this new medicine that the kidney doctor gave me and lord and behold this medicine is the cause of some of my problems. I barely could stand yesterday and slept half of today. I will not be taking anymore. It gives you headaches, tingling in your body, joint pain, restlessness, diarrhea, and I had all of those. All the older doctors have gone and the young ones are there for a pay check. Why give a person meds to keep them sick? Sometimes I think this kidney doctor is trying to make me sick so he can refer me to dialysis and they will give him a referral fee. I don't trust them too much anymore. He's the 3rd Nephrologist I've seen within 2 years span. I feel like leaving them alone. I told him last Tuesday he keep diagnosing me with stage 5 renal disease but my kidneys are working and I could understand when I was on life support because wasn't very much working then. He went silent and didn't discuss it. I have stopped taking all those blood pressure pills and just take 2 once a day. I am so glad you are better and just hang in there things will get better for us. Have a very blessed day.(you and Pogo)

LV said...

Glad to hear you are somewhat better. I have no faith in doctors anymore. I probably should go sometimes, but just hope times take care of it.

Theresa said...

I am sorry that you haven't been feeling good and SOOOOOO happy that you are feeling better. Doctors are frustrating, I handle a lot of appts for my Sister. Each doctor refers you to another and yes, another co-pay. That picture is precious of you and your honey, it does look a lot like the one you pulled from on-line. Pogo is precious peeking out:) Hope today is a great day and that you continue to feel better.

smiekeltje said...

Seems to become your habit to feel or know when i am not visiting your blog or commenting and then you get not well!!! Shame on you!! No, of course not, more shame on me that I don;t keep up reading your blog every day or at least every day or two, but this week I have an excuse, you will read it on my blog.
Still I got worried when reading you were feeling so aweful! And all too happy that you are starting to feel better. Pffff, don't frighten me so often will you?????
I think we are still lucky that we have a doctor who comes along when it is needed(he also know that I am not asking that for nothing).
Now take care of yourself and perhaps still go to the doctor although you are feeling somewhat better. May be you could ask Deanne to take you to him?
Those photos are fantastic. And all those memoreis that come back when you look at them.
Big hug now.