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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Congratulations to Andi And Charles

August 15, 2019

Good afternoon.  Goodness, I got involved in so many different things around here that I forgot to post on my blog.  Bad me!   What was I involved in?  Lots of things including paying a big stack of bills. 

Friday, Deanne, Pogo and I went to look at Tazers.  My goodness, they are big!  And expensive, but I already knew that.  I ended up buying a new pepper spray to carry in my purse.  I had one before, but I gave it to my daughter Audrey.    The new pepper spray units now come with a colored dye in them.  This way if the attacker runs away after being sprayed, the police can find him easier.  I thought that was pretty neat. 

This week I have to called for an appointment to have Pogo's eyes examined.  The cataract is making It harder for him to get around.  Especially after dark.  He's tiny, and everything seems to scare him.  I did call last Friday but was told to call back on Monday.

Today, Andi and Charles were married.  This is Mac and Audrey's daughter and new son in law.  I'm still waiting for photos, but I do have one I can share.  This is Alena dressed as the flower girl for her Mom and Papa.  Isn't she a cutie?  I can't wait for more photos.  I've never seen a wedding like this. 

So far, our days have been rather nice.  It's the nights and early mornings that are a wee bit cool.  I did notice that some of the trees have some drastic color changes.  Deanne said that she will take me out later this week with my camera so that I can get some photos of the foliage. 

Friday night I finished reading another book.  These books are all on my bookshelf.  I've read them before but they deserve a second reading.  When I finish reading them, I put them into a bag to be shared with someone else.  This latest book was "Inheritance" by Judith Michael.  I really enjoy her books.

Most of yesterday I was looking for a ring that I seem to have lost.  With the cooler temperatures, my fingers tend to get a bit thinner and my ring just fell off somewhere.  I am heartbroken about it.  I've been checking everything, rubbish, recycles, bedding, clothes, the yard, my car, etc.  So far I have had no luck in finding it. 

Today I have two more "oldies but goodies" quick pages for you.  I hope you can use them.

Your download link is:

Your download link is:

It's getting close to dinner time and I want to do a bit of blog reading first.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous evening.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

Congratulations to Andi and Charles! What a cutie Aleni is.

Steve Reed said...

I hope your ring turns up! Aleni's dress is quite unusual!

Theresa said...

Congrats to Andi and Charles and I look forward to more pictures. Alena is ADORABLE in her flower girl dress! Enjoy your day dear friend, I hope you find your ring! HUGS!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the cute QPs, as always, very appreciated! hugs to you and Pogo! Mat

smiekeltje said...

Alena is just adorable and so cute in ger flowergirl dress!
Oh, what a pity you cannot find your ring. Let's hope it will suddenly appear again on a probably very weird place(things tend to do that).
and let's hope they can do something about Pogo's eyes, and without costing lots of money!
On to the next post, I better do comment on each of them because otherwise I am sure to forget something LOL.