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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Day For Memories

September 11, 2019

Good morning.  I confess, I did sleep in quite late today.  But I guess I needed it.  Today is a day for memories.  Thinking back to another day eighteen years ago, let's pray that Americans continue to stand together  and stay strong.  God Bless us. 

But there are other memories too.  As we get older, we realize just how quickly our babies grow up.  While we grow with them, the days and nights are long.  But as we age, we see that the days and night are really very short. 

A few days ago, I posted a photo of Jack on his first day in high school.  Today I have a photo of Lila (taken last week) on her first day in sixth grade.  I've inserted the photo of her brother on to the photo.

Deanne sent me this other photo of Jack and Lilah.  It was taken just a few years ago.  Well, maybe more than that, but to me it feels like only a couple years ago.  Time passes by so quickly that we need to hold on to all the joy that each precious day with our little ones brings.

Not so very long ago, Deanne had a beautiful bouncing two pound baby boy.  Today, he's a strapping tall fellow electrician who plays baseball on the side.  This past weekend his team won this year's championship.  Go Tigers!  (that's Kevin on the left holding the award)

Every now and then my heart gets a bit squishy and these beautiful memories pop into my mind.  At my age, I'm entitled.  I hope to fill my blog books with lots of these memories before my sun sets.

How about an update on Sassy.  The doctor called Deanne yesterday and said that all the tests came back and everything is good.  Just keep Sassy rested as much as possible for a few weeks and she should be fine.  Sassy girl, Pogo sends you a big lick and a woof woof.   We hope you are feeling better. 

It's noon time now and I have some blog reading to do.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

That hurricane Dorian is really a wicked one! We see here and there on the news the damage it has done, not a happy item on the news!
I also love to go to those kind of stores where you can find all kind of things for a real low price, we have such ones here too. It are the kind of stores you just have to visit everynow and then, and when you see something you like you will have to buy t at that time, because often a few weeks later it is gone.
I am glad to hear that there isn;t too much trouble for Sassy, poor girl also is getting to age I suppose, but let's hope the medication will help her.
Yes Edna, memories are real treasures and if one has a lot of them you might say you are blessed. (of course when the memories are happy ones).
And time is precious, yes, the more we get older the faster it seems to pass. It isn;t so, but we feel it that way.
Tomorrow we will have to wake up early, to be awake and wait for the deliverance and installation of the appliances. we already cleared out the fridge and some cupboards, so the guys c an start right away when they come.
Have some lovely days to come!

Angelicastar said...

That's good news about Sassy but it's still bad for her because she is hurting. I notice how Deanne was holding her yesterday. My baby Babs were walking bad this morning but she did sleep in her sofa last night. I will probably start back giving her the pain pills. Atleast for a while. I am not a person who like to give or take meds but sometimes we have to. For me, since the doctors don't know how to take me off the medicine I doesn't need, I usually take myself off of them. All I take now is my steroid medicine and blood pressure. I am trying to get my 83 year old brother to stop taking all these meds that he doesn't need. He go to the doctor every week. I told him a few hours ago, when the kidney doctor told me he need to see me every month, I told him he wouldn't be seeing me every month. (laughing) They will do anything to make money especially when you have good Insurance. Life is too short for these thieves. The kidney doctor also told me he was going to put that catheret in my arm just in case I need to go back on the kidney machine. I told him he wasn't going to do such a thing to me either. He said just in case. I reminded him again, I doesn't live my life on just in case. I doesn't think he like me very well.

Yes, our children are not children anymore. They are moving on up in adult hood and it's coming fast. (lol)
I hope you and Pogo have a great day.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The kids sure grow up in a hurry and we love to remember back! Enjoy your afternoon sweet lady!