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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Happy Birthday Alena

September 18, 2019

Good morning.  Tis a bit nippy again this morning.  The temperature is only at 55F degrees.  Although the sun is shining, temps will barely make it up to about 62F degrees later today.  According to my phone weather app, we have three lovely warm days coming up next.  Gosh, I hope so. 

Today is great granddaughter Alena's birthday.  She is seven years old!  Happy Birthday Sweetie.  I hope your day is awesome and filled with love and sunshine.  Great Meema loves you.

One of the dwarfs is going to go grocery shopping with me today when he gets home from work.  I've made my list, trying to keep it short so that I don't keep him out too long.  I do appreciate him helping me.  While we're out, I also want to stop by the Post Office to mail some cards and buy some new stamps. 

After the rain the other day, I went outside to take some photos of the rain drops on the plants.  It always amazes me how the rain sits as perfectly round little beads of the leaves and petals and does not fall off. 

Most of my blooms have gone by but there are still a few hanging on.  A rose here or there, tbe butterfly bush, the Rose of Sharon and a few colorful weeds.

Has anyone noticed their creditors trying to force them to pay their bills either online or by an automatic withdrawal against their credit card or bank account?    I seem to be getting a lot of this lately.  Two companies have already tried not sending me a monthly statement.  Is this legal?  I know it's not fair to those of use who don't want to pay online or by automatic withdrawals.  I'll have to make a couple phone calls this afternoon when I get back home.

On the new Geico TV commercial, an office worker is trying to address something to the little Geico gecko but he can't remember the gecko's name.  Come to think of it, neither do I.  Do any of you know this famous little icon's name?  If so, please let me know. 

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading before getting ready to go shopping.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Steve Reed said...

We get the same suggestion here in the UK from creditors -- to pay our bills automatically or at least electronically. I don't mind it sometimes, depending on the bill, but generally I'd rather make the decision to pay rather than just have them take the money! Love your raindrop photos!

Angelicastar said...

Happy birthday Alena. I get a lot of heat from the utility companies trying to go paperless. I will never go paperless on those bills again. I did that when I was on life support and couldn't tell anyone so they could pay them. No one knew what to do. I took them off and started back receiving the paper bills. Now my few credit cards are paperless and the only reason I went paperless with them is because of the thieving mail carriers.....only my internet carrier, life insurance and car insurance has permission to withdraw monthly payments from my bank. The gas company (home) keep sending me notices to pay an extra @10.00 a month just in case the gas line need to be repaired. I responded and told them if the gas line need repairs and they don't fix it, I will give you your service and make you cap the line and remove your meter. All they want is more money. I know in Texas they have to send paper statements at your request. It's probably federal but I am not sure. The only reason I let the internet provider take the payment each month because that is the only billing system that they had and the only internet companies I could get when I moved here would be comcast, and AT&T and I can't stand them.

I never really thought about the Geico Gecko. (lol) I can't ever remember seeing a name for him. Nothing but Gecko. (laughing) I hope you and Pogo have a great day.

Sue said...

No I don't know that little guys name, but sure enjoy the commercials. he almost seems real.~smile~
I too have been pressured into paying on line but so far haven't my children pay all their bills online, we don't do banking online at all. I hope we don't have to in the future.
I too love to see raindrops on plants, we have finally gotten some cooler temps.after such a extremely hot humid summer.

Have a great evening, Miss Edna, thank you for visiting.

Angelicastar said...

I came back to tell you, I just got an email from my mortgage company wanting me to go paperless. They will continue sending me a monthly statement. Therefore if I get sick again, my family won't have a hard time trying to figure out how to pay my main note and utilities. I think they think if they can automatic take your money from your bank and if you pass away, they can still get paid. Just my thought. (laughing hard) Stand strong and keep getting your statements in the mail because they know if you don't know how to pay them they won't be getting any money. I pay all my bills online but on my time before they are due. They won't be going in my bank drafting payments when they feel like it.

smiekeltje said...

Oh gosh, I have the same problems with the payments and bills. some of the bills I have a a filled in paper, that i only will have to check if it is right and sign it. For that they charge money(for the paper sutff, incredible). Other things, mostly small amounts I do pay automatically, and I still don't do on line banking(but I am considering it, when I have a new computer).
ut it is aweful that companies force you to check your bill and statements on line, I encountered already two, that refuse to send me a yearly statement by post! I have to print it myself from their website. I don;t call that good service.
I think it is legal, but as long as enough people are fighting it, hopefuly we still can decide how we want to pay.