Tuesday, March 6, 2018

We've Made It To Florida!

March 5, 2018 & March 6, 2018

Good afternoon.  Yesterday, (Sunday) Pogo and I made it to Florida just fine.  Once we picked up our baggage, I called the rental car place and they picked us up in a very short time.  Then we  went to find the hotel where Beth was and picked her up. 

We decided to do a bit of grocery shopping before going to the condo.   We  were both exhausted, so this worked out good for us.  My exhaustion came from stress and not much sleep Saturday night.  Beth's stress came from a bunch of other things that she could have done without.

We are both unstressing and not doing much of anything.  The weather here is awesome.  Today I did have to make some calls regarding the storm damage at home, and Joe and Deanne are trying to do everything else for me.  I am very thankful for both of them.

Today is having a few little bumps because Beth is trying to quit smoking.  Obviously this alone is rather stressful for both of us because she keeps trying to sneak a smoke.  I have to keep my eye on her.  hahahahaha.  Seriously, I hope it works out well for her. 

Getting calls and messages about house now, so gotta go.


Good morning.  Today is Tuesday, March 6.  It's cool at the moment, only 48F degrees but it's wicked early.  Only 6:24 a.m.  In just  a few hours, temps will reach 82F degrees.  I'm thinking that we'll go out this morning to do whatever we might be wanting to do before it gets too warm. 

Yesterday, one of the tree companies finally went by my house to look over the situation and let us know whether or not they could get the job done.  Supposedly, they sent me  an estimate via email.  However, I haven't found the estimate yet.  I may have to make  a call later today.   Then I will have to call my daughter Deanne to let her know what is what.

Supposedly, the insurance adjuster is supposed to go by the house tomorrow to check things out.  I'm not sure what he  will be able to see because the tree will still be there.  On top of all of this, there is another Nor'easter on it's way in to Massachusetts tomorrow.  This is not making my head very happy.

I did take some beautiful photos while on the plane coming here.  (through the window, obviously)  The first photo was taken while we were flying out of Boston airport.

I do believe this next photo was taken over the South Carolina coastline.
Next, here  we are descending to the Orlando airport.

I had a grand time taking photos through the window and nearly exhausted the battery in my phone.  I'll have to pay better attention to this in the future.  Luckily, I left enough juice in the phone to call the car company and Beth after my plane had landed.

The next few photos are of my handsome little Pogo.  He is such an awesome traveler.  He had been napping in his little carrier, and after we were in the air, I set his carrier on the little tray table and opened it so that he could see what was happening.

He had a drink of water, and just enjoyed looking around at everyone.  Being able to look out the window was also fascinating to him.  Finally, when it was time to descend into Orlando, I closed up his carrier until after we had landed. 

Well, we  made it through day one  of "Beth quits smoking" without getting into any fist fights.  I did let her have one cigarette last night if she promised not to sneak downstairs during the night for a smoke.  She promised, but it remains to be seen just how long she can stick with this.  I hope today is better for her.  We've decided that she can have three cigarettes today (morning, afternoon, night) and tomorrow, and then  maybe drop down to two a day for a couple days, then one a day, then none.  We'll see.

You know, I almost (but I  didn't) packed some Chapstick  in my suitcase, but then I thought what for.  I won't be getting chapped lips in Florida.  Well, I was wrong.  As soon as I got here, I was drinking my spring water from a glass filled with ice.  Oh yea, best way to get chapped lips I guess, because that's what happened. 

However, I had thankfully packed two small tins of Bag Balm, one for each of us.  You never know when you will need Bag Balm.  And yup, it is helping my chapped lips!  Having a can of Bag Balm is like bringing your first aid cabinet with you in one small container. 

By the way, that Mobile  Hot Spot that I bought works great!  The only problem it seems to have is lack of speed.  I'll just have to learn to deal with that.  Not easy for this grumpy old lady who has no patience, but I'm trying.  If it is still alive and kicking when we get back home, you'll know that we made peace with each other.

Well, I've finished my coffee and I think I'll do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Beth Reed said...

The pics are great and I really enjoyed seeing the planes over all the states. It was great to see those and of course I love the pics of my handsome Pogo. Jonathan said last night that Cisco is depressed and did not eat his breakfast because it was still there when he came home last night. He will not be alone today. Nathan is home and Cisco is sleeping with Nathan at night. They moved his bed beside Nathan's.

Ok I am trying to be good Edna and I appreciate your help in the quitting of smoking. I am just afraid at one point a melt down is coming... I might cry so just bear with me... I gotta run upstairs and get dressed soon so I will talk to you in about 2 seconds hahahaha.... Love Beth

Dee Jaynes said...

Have fun in Florida you two- and try not to kill each other - lol xo

boop52245 said...

Hi Edna,
Was very glad to see this post from you today. I was wondering if you made it to Florida this weekend. Sorry to see all the damage from the storm though. Hopefully maybe it will all be resolved while you are in Florida. Your pics are great all the time. Love looking at them.Enjoy your vacation. Betty W

Mary Ann Roesler said...

I was just going to call you 2 nights ago but thought I would check to see how your NEterly was and low and behold you were in over your head! I couldn't tell if you left for FL or not.

We had our biggest snow storm at one time...6 inches of wet snow but suppose to get to the 45+ so won't last long. I think with hardly no snow and very cold temps early on the ground will take some time to thaw.

Life is so slow but Gene is walking well. Each day brings a little improvement. Glad to have my chief cook and bottle washer back part-time!!!

Awesome photo of Pogo. I hope you and Beth have as much fun as we did about 5 years + ago. Enjoy the Hot tub for me!

Mary Ann

smiekeltje said...

Glad you made it allright to Florida!
HBopefully you will not have to do much in Florida about the storm damage, so wonderful deanne and Joe take care of most of it!
Oh wow, Beth will have hard times, quitting smoking! Perhaps best will be to do it "cold Turkey", from one to another give it up completely.
Most of the times it will not work cutting the smoke down, trying to smoke less and less. I know it is difficult, but after some time,(if she holds on) she wil feel much better. And it saves a lot of oney too.
Hope you two have a good time together and some lovely weather and that you both can "unstress"completely!
Give a hug to Beth from me, please.
Hugs to you.