Monday, March 19, 2018

Back Home And Wicked Busy!

March 19, 2018

Good afternoon.  Well, I had most of this post already typed, and Google ate it!  I'm not going to try to rewrite all of it. 

Yesterday we got home safely, and once I had a chance to sit down last night, I drifted off to sleep.  Pogo did too.  Today I've been busy doing laundry.  Before I left, I covered a lot things with towels and blankets so that they wouldn't be covered with two weeks of dust.  The towels and blankets made up two loads of laundry this morning.  Plus, one more load of clothing for Pogo and me. 

Their was a huge pile of mail that had come in while I was away.  I've already gone through all of it.  One pile of bills to pay, one pile to read and one pile to put in the recycle bin.  A new dolly dress pattern that I had ordered had arrived.  I'll take a photo later to share with you here. 

The first thing that Pogo wanted when he got home was to go potty.  He had held it in all day, and he couldn't wait to get to his wee wee papers.  After that, he went looking for Joe so that he could have his turkey treat.  Mmmm, that tasted so good!  Joe had cooked chicken for supper and gave us a big chunk of it for Pogo's supper. 

Saturday, Dee sent me some photos.  Kevin's union had a basketball game that day at U Mass in Boston, the Apprentices vs. the Journeymen.  Sad to say, Kevin's team lost, 41 - 29.  However, Kevin got 18 of those 29 points for his team.  Great job, Kevin!  Here's a photo of Kevin and Dee Dee's friend, Pam on the basketball court.

Later it was time for some refreshments.  Here's a photo of Dee Dee and her friend Pam.  You're looking great, ladies!

Pam's son Drew (Andrew Johnson, U.S.A. Marines) just recently passed guard academy with honors.  Here's a photo of Pam and Drew, taken in Washington D.C. after the ceremony.  We're all very proud of you Drew!

In a little while, I need to think about what's for supper tonight.  I also need to make up a small shopping list.  Joe offered to go to the market and pick up some groceries for me today after work. I appreciate this because I'm already tired from today's chores. 
The tree service called yesterday to ask if they could come out tomorrow instead of today.  Their chipper truck had a problem with one of it's tires Saturday, and was being fixed today.  Of course, I said yes.  So tomorrow will be another busy day here. 
Now I have to take the load of towels out of the dryer and fold them, and put the last load (blankets) into the dryer.  On that happy note, I'll take my leave.
So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Kathy said...

It's always busy coming home from vacation. Especially a long one like you had. Don't overdo it. Unfortunately the work will be there for you tomorrow too. Hope that tree situation finally gets fixed tomorrow. And welcome home!