Thursday, March 8, 2018

Belated Congratulations For Jazzy

March 8, 2018

Good  morning.  Tis another beautiful day here in Kissimmee.  Temp is 60F degrees with a little breeze.  As we get further into the day, it gets warmer.  Just awesome!

Today is going to be a lazy day.  I've been getting a cramp in one of my legs.  I'm thinking it must be from sleeping on this couch.  It's not a soft couch.  Ah, but it will do while I'm here.  Aside from that, Pogo and I are just relaxing.

Beth is off her "quit smoking" thing.  She's just not ready for it.  Hopefully, at some point during the year she will have much better  luck at trying it again.

Yesterday we took a ride to the big Walmart at the other  end of town, just to see if there was much of a difference between it and the new one near us. They are pretty much the same.  We also stopped by JoAnn's Fabric store, where  I found a really pretty yarn called "Americana" which I will take a photo of later so I can share it here. 

Today I want to share photos from the state wide drama competition that Jazzy and her classmates were in this past weekend.  Our Jazzy girl and two other students won an award for their performances.  We are so proud of our girl and all the other students.  Everyone did such an awesome job.  These kids are really talented.

The play that Jazzy's group did was a story set in the 1940's.  When the awards were being given out, the announcer said "This young lady had me from the moment she stepped onto the stage.  Her performance was  spot on!"  Then she  called Jazzy's name.  Woo Hoo!  This was the preliminary level of the competition.  There will be two more levels before the overall winners will be picked. 

I have another photo to share.  Yesterday, Janice sent me a photo of her and her little hamster.  Gosh, this little fellow is almost as pretty as his momma.  It brings back memories of all the  little critters that  my kids had when they were  growing up.

Do you remember the old saying "If it isn't broken, don't fix it:"?  That's something this place needs to learn when they are doing upgrades on different things here.   Since last year, they upgraded the TV server and channels.  Only now, you have to really spend a bit of time trying to figure  out how to find a channel.  I'm learning that first you press the buttons for the  channel you want.  Then when the snow fuzz screen comes up, you press the "up" button to go to another version of that channel.  It  should work now.  If not, press  the "up" button again.  This is obviously much better that what we had before.  (snicker, snicker)

Another change that we noticed was that all our cereal bowls had been replaced with teeny weeny bowls.  Hmmm, now what do we  do?  I called the office and requested that we get our cereal bowls back.  They said no problem and sent over four bowls.  These bowls were much bigger than the ones we had before but we're using them.  (They are just right for making Jello)

I've just spoken with my daughter Deanne, and she tells me that we got a ton of snow back home.  I'll have to call Joe later on to see how much we got in  our yard.  Maybe he can send me a photo. 

Well it's time for me to be making some lunch, so I'll take my leave for today.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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