Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Happy Belated First Day Of Spring

March 21, 2018

Good morning.  I have waited for oh so long for Spring to get here, and when she finally arrives, I am a wicked bundle of nerves worrying about the huge tree on my roof and wondering what is beneath it.  So Happy First Day of Spring a day late.

Yesterday I was hanging on to my very last nerve all day.  The tree service showed up and assured me that everything would be okay.  And they were good.  They knew what they were doing and they did a super job. 

First the big trucks came into the yard.  Earlier we had to make sure that all our vehicles were off the property to make room for the trucks.  First came the big crane truck.

Then came the shredder truck. (It's backing in to the yard.)

Removing the tree from the roof was quite a challenge.  I tried to take a few photos, but mostly I had to stay indoors so that I wouldn't be in the way. I did get a few though.  They first cut the end of the branch off and as many limbs as they could and put all of these through the shredder. 

Let me explain, this tree was actually a branch from a huge fir tree. ( One of the gentle giants that surround us.)  The tree was in the neighbor's yard.  The branch that fell on my house was the size of a full grown tree.  It was huge!  Even the adjuster was astounded by the size of it when he first saw it.

Once all the greenery was cut away from the branch, it was lifted high into the air by the crane and slowly lowered into my driveway.  As much as possible was cut off it and put into the shredder.  Finally though, they reached a point where it was just too thick to be shredded.  At this point, they cut it in half, and left it on the ground.  Later, they came back with another truck and crane, and lifted the two huge logs into the truck and took them away. 

Before the guys left, they took a few photos of the roof damage for me and covered it over with heavy duty plastic.  Are you ready for this?  This is a photo of the hole in my roof.  (The hole is also on the other side of the peak of the roof.   I still have to go up into the attic to list all the inside damage.  I just don't have the heart to do it today.  There's also a section of my privacy fence that was damaged when the tree fell. 

 Once the tree guys left, I had to find a roofer and hopefully he could come right away to fix the roof.  I got lucky here.  I Googled local roofers and picked the one with five stars.  The owner came right out, looked it over, gave me an estimate, and said that they could start work this morning.  Wowsie!

I checked with the insurance adjuster, and he said to go ahead and have the roof repaired.  He will be out again in a few days to look in the attic with me and list any more damages.  It all has to go on the one claim. 

So. today it is quite busy and noisy here.  The dumpster showed up this morning, and the men were already waiting by the sidewalk in their cars.  As soon as the dumpster was in place, all the workers came in the yard and proceeded to start working on the roof. 

News Flash!!!  The boss (owner) of the roofing crew just came and asked if he could go up into the attic.  So I decided to go up there with him.  Aside from a lot of stuff falling in from the hole in the roof, (and the hole is really huge!!)  there's not much structural damage up there.  This is certainly a big relief.  Once the hole has been repaired, the guys will go into the attic and take away all the debris that fell inside. 

Wow, I guess I got a bit chattier that I thought I would.  Now it's time for me to get dressed and go to the bank.  These guys will be wanting to be paid when they are done.  Before I go, let me give you a new quick page.  Have fun with it.

Here's your download link:

Now I'm off.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


gypsyrose said...

I am so glad that things have been getting sorted for you must be a great weight off your mind hope the insurence will cover everything you have had to payout that branch looks massive and the damage to the roof, Hope the weather wont cause you anymore problems, Thank you for the new QP love the ones with the cute little animals on look after yourself x

Snowy said...

Wow ! I'm just catching up on over a weeks worth of posts and read about the fallen tree. Lucky there wasn't more damage with a branch of that mega size ! We've had two storms so far here with snow, and they predict round three for the Easter weekend. I hope that will be it then, and hope it won't be too bad.We had a lot of trees falling here as well. This is a long winter this time !
Nice picture of you on vacation, even with phone in hand ,lol.
Hugs Snowy

Beth Reed said...

Oh Edna,
Of course I knew it was bad, but these photos show just how bad it actually is. I just happy that it came down where it did and not come thru and endanger or hurt anyone. I am also grateful that you have good insurance. I know that you have been under a lot of stress. I could tell it was bothering you while we were in Florida. I am sorry you had to deal with all of this.
Now I just hope that you can relax. Hugs, Beth xxxx