Friday, March 23, 2018

Snuffle, Snuffle, Cough, Cough

March 23, 2018

Good morning.  Yup, I've caught me a doozy of a cold.  Well, it figures.  Things shouldn't run too smoothly.  It just wouldn't seem right somehow.  Thank goodness for Bag Balm.  Yesterday my nose was as red as a beet.  I put Bag Balm all over the redness, and shortly most of the red (and the soreness) was gone.

This morning, shortly after 7 a.m. the dumpster company was here to pick up their dumpster.  I listened to the clanging and banging, and just rolled over for some more snoozes.  Pogo has been trying to get me up since 2:30 in the morning to feed him but I told him to go back to bed.  When I'm feeling crappy with a cold, I'm in no mood to be serving meals all through the night. 

Pogo is all set now though.  I gave him a plate full of steak for breakfast.  He ate what he wanted, and the rest goes in he refrigerator.  I'm not sure what we'll do for supper tonight.  It will depend on how I feel later on. 

I had hoped to get out today to do a couple chores.  That will have to wait now for a few more days.  Maybe by Monday we can take care of the errands.  Meanwhile I need to focus on getting over the worst of this cold.  As long as my tax stuff is done by Tuesday or Wednesday, DIL Janet can total everything up on Thursday.  

Today I have photos to share of some of the beautiful flowers at my time share resort. 

Everywhere you look, there are beautiful blossoms, and different types of palm trees.  It's really a very pretty place.  Very peaceful and soothing.  I've been going there since the mid eighties, and it's as pretty now as it was when we first started going there.

Now I think I'll do a bit of blog reading, and settle into my lounge chair for a while.   So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Beth Reed said...

I am just now catching up on yesterday and today's blog. So very awesome how they are doing the bundles of roofing shingles now. I remember the old days! I know that a lot of people wish that they had this device when they were roofing years ago.
Yes the resort is just beautiful and so is the foliage and your pictures turned out just beautiful. I already miss it.
I was super busy yesterday and today so I am still behind, but I did catch up with your blog. I am glad that Janet is going to come and help you with your tax columns.
I am very sorry to hear that you have a cold. My white blood cells are up to so my doctor said that I have some kind of viral infection. Lucky Us!
Give Pogo lots of hugs and kisses from Auntie Beth and tail wags and sniffs from Cisco... xxxx Beth and Cisco

gypsyrose said...

Sorry your not feeling so good at the moment , hope you will feel better really soon . look after yourself and get plenty of rest, love the flowers they are so pretty x

Kathy said...

Hi, Edna! Just catching up on the couple of days I missed on your blog. I can hardly believe so much happened so quickly. Having the tree off of your roof and the roof patched has got to be such a relief to you. But you weren't supposed to get sick on top of it. I hope you feel better each day that goes by. Being sick is no fun.

What beautiful plants and flowers you had in Florida. I can't wait until things start blooming around here. I'm longing for warm weather and beautiful flowers. Well, soon. I hope.