Thursday, January 4, 2018

Storm Grayson Is Here!

January 4, 2018

Good afternoon.  Sorry to be posting so late, but I've been busy all morning, keeping an eye on the storm.  "Grayson" was a wee bit late in showing up, but once he got here, he dug right in.  The snow has been falling all morning and the wind gusts every few minutes.  This keeps the snow swirling everywhere.  Conditions outside are almost a "white-out." 

This morning I took a short video of the beginning of the storm and posted it to Facebook.  I've only been able to take a few photos because I'm shooting through a window.  It's too cold and snowy outside to go out even on the porch to take photos. 

These first two photos were taken earlier this morning before the snow got much heavier. 

This next photo was taken through my storm door.  It's just to show how difficult the visibility is outside.

There is a vehicle parked in the driveway across the street from my house, but you can't see it. There's also an RV parked in that same driveway but you can't see that either.  A lot of folks went to work this morning because the storm hadn't really started when they left, but I'm hoping they are all on their way home now because it's really getting nasty outside.  Especially if you're driving on the roads.

The snow plows have been busy today keeping the street out front cleared.  We live on a main road (highway) so they keep our road as clear as possible.  Thankfully, people are taking heed and there are not so many vehicles on the road today.

Yesterday, Joe went to the gas station to fill our gas can just in case we need to use our generator.  (in case we lose power)  We'll also need gas to run the snow blower.  So far, we've been lucky and have not lost our power.  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Pogo keeps wanting to go out on the porch, but when I open the door for him he only sticks his little nose outside for a couple seconds and that's all he can handle.  It's too cold and snowy for him.  That's why I love my storm door though, because he can sit indoors and watch everything that's happening outside. 

Well Joe just came home early, so I have to let Pogo go out into the house for his turkey treat.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a fantabulous dy.

Hugs, Edna B.

p.s.  Joe says there are cars stuck in the snow everywhere.  One would think these folks would have listened to the news and stayed off the roads.  Ah well, such is life.


Beth Reed said...

Ohhh My Edna,
That is some blizzard. I knew Grayson was on his way but they said that he came in hard and fast. It was really coming down hard in your area. Wow... I don't blame Pogo for only sticking his little nose out! Poor baby, he doesn't like all this white stuff. I know he will be ready to have his yard back.

I don't know why people do not take the weather conditions seriously. It has to be scary to be stuck out on the highways and not knowing if your car will be covered and not discovered until spring thaw. One good thing is many people now have cell phones and most of the time they can call for emergency help. Not like Blizzards in past years.

I worked on my blog. I had a bad day and some pain medication induced sleep so I have rested and worked on my sisters planner and updated my blog since I was up. I think that I will lay back down. It is a little after 4:00 am so I am going to try and go back to bed.

Stay warm my friend and I am so glad that Kyra finally got her Christmas package!!! Hugs from Cisco and I. xxxx Have an awesome warm day, love Beth

smiekeltje said...

ops, you are having quite some snow with that blizzard there. Hopefully it will be gone soon and most of all hoping you don;t loose power!
Glad my little afghan comes to use in such wicked weather.
This kind of weather isn;t for us anymore!
Quickly going to you next post.