Friday, January 12, 2018

Just One More Day Of Warm Temps

January 12, 2018

Good morning.  Today is cloudy, but a bit warmer.  The temperature right now is 53F degrees, and should get up to about 59F degrees later today.  This is awesome but there's only one more day of warm temps, so enjoy it!  As for the indoor heat, I'm working on it. 

I've deduced that the problem is between the house thermostat and the furnace.  I'm trying to call the burner repair man but it seems that their mail box is full and I will have to call back later.  Is there something wrong with this picture?  I just tried calling back and the woman answering the phone hung up on me.

Ok, so now I just called back again, and got a rather testy greeting from the owner of the company.  He finally decided to call one of his repair men and said that I would get a call so that the repair guy could set up an appointment for me.  Now I definitely know that I need to change companies.  I have been a good customer of this company since back in the 90's and I'm not happy with the way they treat me as a customer. 

I am getting a little heat out here, so Pogo and I are not freezing.  Besides, I have the little fireplace if I need it.  Now if I could just get the rest of the heating problem fixed, all would be well. Wowsie, it's always something when you own a house.  Especially a big old one!

I was browsing through some of my really old files, and I found a lot of quick pages that are from 2009, 10 & 11.  Some of them are favorites of mine, so I thought I would recycle a few of them.  Here's one from 2009.  I hope you can use it.

Here's the download link:

Today someone from the company that installed the remote starter in my car is supposed to coming out to fix it.  It's out of warranty, so I'll have to pay a fee, but if it gets fixed it will be worth it.  We have more cold temperatures headed this way and the remote starter will be a huge help to me.

I promised to post the answers to yesterdays puzzles, and here they are.  I hope you had fun with the puzzles. 

Now I have some dishes waiting in the sink that need washing.  Then I'll have to decide what to make for supper tonight.  It's always a challenge coming up with ideas for meals that Pogo will eat.  I'm off now, so till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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