Sunday, December 7, 2014

A New Visitor To Our Yard

December 7, 2014

Good morning.  Today is cloudy and cool.  It's only going to get up to the mid 30'sF, and then drop down to about 19F tonight.  Brrrr!!  I think this will be our coldest night so far this season.  After tomorrow, we have a few days of mostly rain coming.  Hopefully, there won't be any snow mixed in with it.

I'm watching the Weather Channel this morning, and the videos of the typhoon in the Philippines are just awful.  A lot of these poor folks were living in tents and tiny shacks, and now they don't even have those.  These folks were hit hard by last year's storm, and a lot of them haven't even recovered from that storm. 

The weather has changed so much, and not for the better.  We seem to be constantly having heavily damaging storms on a daily/weekly basis.  In my whole life, I've never heard of so many devastating storms happening with such frequency.  These past few years though, the weather patterns have really changed.

All of this makes me wonder, where and how will folks live in years to come.  Will it be worth putting up buildings that will be brought down by the weather?  We can build our homes higher up off the ground, but then the strong winds can bring them down.  We can build underground, but the floods will make living in these buildings difficult.  Hmmmm, lots of thoughts to ponder about.

Well that's enough about the weather.  I had some really special crochet and knit pattern booklets that I had saved from many years ago, (1970) and somehow they have disappeared.  A few days ago, I went on E-bay to see if I could find any replacements and I got lucky.  I was able to order three of these same pattern booklets.  Yesterday, one of them came in the mail, so now I have a new project to think about starting. 

The gift items that I had ordered online are dribbling in oh so slowly.  Usually these orders arrive quickly and all together.  Lately they are taking longer to get here, and orders are being split up into more than one box.  As long as they all arrive this week, I'm okay.  I can still get the rest of my holiday boxes out by the end of the week.

We had a new visitor to our yard yesterday, a tiny red squirrel.  Gosh, he was just too cute!  I've seen these little red squirrels in neighboring towns, but never here. 

Yesterday, I  got my first Christmas card in the mail, and it had me smiling for quite a while.  It was addressed to me and "doggie".  I just love it!!  I've already started getting the bookcase ready where I will set up my little Christmas tree.  This afternoon I'll dig out the ornaments and start decorating. 

I made my final decision on which health and prescription plan to switch to for next year, and called to get enrolled.  Hopefully, I made a good choice.  Only time will tell.  For anyone who is thinking of changing to a new plan and hasn't done it yet, keep in mind that the deadline is midnight tonight.

Last evening, I finished the lapghan, and put a few more rows on the shocking pink afghan.  I'm hoping to have that afghan finished in the next two or three days.  I may pick up another large plastic tote to store these finished crocheted projects.  I'll have to remember to pick up some cedar chip packets to put in the tote.

Today before I start any hand crafts, I need to do a bit of exercising with the vacuum.  The dust bunny population is increasing rather quickly and it's time to re-locate some of them to the outdoors.   First, I think I'll enjoy a hot cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Oh, the weather ... I didn't even know about the Typhoon in the Philipines. Last week was "Big Cat Week" on Nat Geo so I missed the news all week. Actually, I was enjoying the break from listening to all the unpleasantness on the news.
But, you did get my attention ... Last year when the Typhoon hit the Philipines my son was in Thailand on a scubba diving trip. The edge of the storm made the waters so rough around Thailand that they couldn't Scuba dive so he was hanging out around the pool at the hotel and that is where he met Mint. Now he is in Thailand again (hopefully the storm won't hit the mainland) and when he comes home this time, he will be bringing Mint with him. Then the fun begins ... we are all very excited for him. But back to the subject of the weather. We do have good reason to be concerned about it as our country doesn't seem to want to take climate change seriously ... though I was happy to see that an agreement was reached with China, another big offender of polution. Now if we can get India to join in there is hope we can stop the progression ... but sadly I don't think we can undo what has already been done.

I got my first Christmas card too ... it was from you. Thank you Edna and Pogo ... we all loved it and it is up on the stand where I keep them for all of the world (meaning my family and a few friends) can see them.

I have just a few more presents to buy and then I am done. It is the wrapping and shipping that I have a hard time getting to. I wish I could wave a magic wand to get that done. I always get a back ache leaning over the table as I wrap. But, that said ... I am hoping to get everything in the mail by next weekend ... fingers crossed :)

I love your little red squirrel. We have red squirrels in the area but we call them Fox Squirrels and they are bigger ... bigger even than our Gray Squirrels. He is really a cutie ... are you sure he isn't a baby? He sure looks little.

Well, I had better get down to business here. I can sure find ways to avoid the things I don't like doing. Dust Bunnies are one of my least favorite chores and mine grow cat hair on them so they are really messy :) You have a wonderful week. I will check in when I can. I have something on the calendar every day this week and into the weekend ... oh my. I love the holidays, but they wear me out. Later, my friend and big hugs to Pogo and the kitties.

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

I was afraid you were going to say you had another cat moving in...glad it was just a little squirrel. :)
The weather patterns sure have gotten more and more extreme - hard to say how it will all end up.