Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She's Big, She's Beautiful. Meet "Baby Girl"

July 16, 2013

Good afternoon.  I'm late posting, but it's been a long busy day so far.  Eddie has been here helping me all day, same as yesterday.  Out in the main house, Joe has been a godsend.  He spent the last few days scrubbing and scouring everything in the common areas.   There is definitely a light peeking through at the end of the tunnel. 

In between all of this there is some good news.  I got a phone call yesterday letting me know that "Baby Girl" was ready for me to pick up and bring home.   Who is "Baby Girl"?  Well let me show you.

I traded my car in two weeks ago, but could not bring the new one home because I could not find the title.  So I had to file for a new title, which arrived at the dealership yesterday. Isn't she pretty?  Sometimes she looks off-white, light gray or silver, but she is really a pale baby blue metallic.
I upgraded because I wanted the navigator (GPS) that is built into the dash.  Also, I wanted the sun roof.  Well, this beauty has every option they could possible put on her.  Now I will be busy for the next few months trying to learn what and where everything is and how to use it.
I spent last night looking through the manuals, but to be honest they are written for college professors and not for common folks like me.   After a lot of trial and error, I was able to figure out how to lock the car doors.  Before the weekend gets here, I will have to learn how to do the headlights, windshield wipers, rear view camera, radio, AC, heat, sun roof and phone.  That's just the beginning.
I have finally got it down pat how to start and stop the car's engine.  No, I'm not dumb, but I've never had a keyless car before.  This is definitely going to be some adventure.  Pogo is happy.  His car seat is high enough that he can see outside just great.  That's him looking out the window in the second photo. 
I've just had my late lunch break, and now it's time to get back to work here.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

There are so many new things to learn about cars these days that it can be quite daunting. She looks lovely and Pogo seems quite happy looking out the window in the back. You have fun with that shiny new car and enjoy the new car smell!

lorik said...

And of course after you have learned how to use all the bits you will start photographing them:)) Congratulations on your new toy/ baby!

smiekeltje said...

Your new car looks awesome!
And yes, trouble with those kind of new things is, that the manuals are very much confusing LOL.
But I am sure you will get the hang of it and will be all happy to drive it!
And great that Pogo has a chance to look out of the window. Great photo!
Eddie really is a darling guy, and so is Joe!
I am happy for you that you get their help.
Have a great day!

Nani said...

She's beautiful and you and Pogo both look happy in her! I can't imagine a keyless car. Even if I'm the regular passenger like I am in Davids car, it takes a few weeks to get comfortable and adjusted to where everything is but it's wonderful to do!

Hugs, Nani