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Friday, June 14, 2013

Woo Hoo! The Internet Is Back On

June 14, 2013

Tis a windy, rainy morning here in New England.  All night long, the wind blew and it rained.   I guess this is the monsoon season for us.   One bad thing about the rain is the mess it is making of all the beautiful flowers and bushes.   Petals are falling off flowers, and plants and bushes are laying over on the ground.  Sad, sad.

This is the first year my peonies have blossomed so beautifully, and they are laying on the ground with all the other flowers.  Well, at least I got to enjoy the pink one that I brought into  the house. 

I'm at work this morning, and lo and behold, the internet is on.  Every time I put more money on my broadband stick, the internet comes back on.  Maybe I shouldn't have put so much money on it.  We'll see.  There's still the weekend nights to get through.

Here's a photo of one of my tall irises before the rains.  Thank goodness I took so many photos when I had the chance.  I had planted a pink bulb and an orange bulb.  Neither of those has come up.  I guess the critters ate the bulbs.  I'll just have to buy some more.

My pink rose tree looks so sad with its branches hanging down to the ground.  This is a photo that I took of my pink knock out rose bush a few days ago when the sun was shining.

Once the rain stops, and the sun coms back out, I will have to get out in the yard and do a bit of pruning.   All the rain is making things grow tall and lanky, but then  they are just falling over.    I think we are supposed to be getting a day or two of sun pretty soon, but then a few more days of rain will follow.  Gosh oh gee, goody goody.

I want to thank a friend for leaving me a link to look up those gorgeous orange rhodies.   I don't care what they are.  If I find them, I will buy me one.    Now I must get busy here.  The Mrs will be waking soon and wanting her breakfast.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Morning, so sorry you are so water logged. Hope it ends soon. The weather all across the country has gone to H*&^ in a hand basket I think! We hit 101 yesterday with heat index of 108..too early for these temps. I had a Dr appt and the heat just zapped me big time! The wind just felt so HOT on my skin, I couldn't wait to get in the AC in my car and then in my house. I think I will be spending lots of time indoors this summer! LOL! Love your photos, at least you got to take them before the rains destroyed them. I have to water all mine (the once a week we are allowed to water). I am so worried about all those folks with the wildfires in CO and hope TX doesn't face those again this year!
You and Pogo have a great weekend and hope your internet lasts through it! Hugs, Mat

The Queen Jester said...

I feel your pain at the wind and, a poem! We have had two days in a row of nice sunny weather - amazing what it can do for the spirits when it stops raining. It also was very helpful so we could get the car packed up with nice dry tables and chairs for our trip northward tomorrow.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

We had a decent day finally ... problem with that is that I have to use that time to do all of the yard work that I haven't been able to do when it was raining or windy. I had to cut my grass again ... seems like I just cut it, because I did. The rain makes it grow like a weed and if I don't cut it in a reasonable time I am back to using the bag on my mower, which I hate! I also did some more raking on the hill and started burning the leaves. I know, I know ... we live in an unincorporated area and burning is the only way to get rid of the leaves, but I hate doing it. I have to wear a mask to keep from choking to death on the smoke. Dave came down to help and was able to stay because we had a fan blowing on the burner to help the fire burn, but it also makes the smoke blow away from us. Our yard is lined with huge Oak Trees so we have tons of leaves. Anyway, it will take another day of burning before it is all cleaned up and then we have to start all over again in the fall ... UGH. (Did I mention this is our Dream House .... hmmmmmmm).

My Hibiscus are just barely making it this year. I don't know if I will get flowers from them. I think one of the four are dead ... no sign of life, but the other three have plants growing out of them, but they are only about 4 inches tall and it is the middle of June. At that rate they will be ready to bloom in time for the first snow. I think last year's drought and our harsh winter did them in. I will wait to see how they do, but if they don't make it, I will be looking into those orange Rhododendrons, they are simply scrumptious :) Well, it is late and my stomach is telling me it is time to eat dinner. Hope your weekend is good and you have some good weather.
Be well, Edna ... loves to the Pogo as well :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Isn;t it sad that the ineternet is coming back every time you did put more money on your stick?
Look what happens if you take back some money(if you can), see if internet still is there LOL.
Heavy rain and wind is a sad thing for gardens. They love to recieive some water, but not in gallons!
For now we cannot complain, and it's nice to see more and more plants go to flowering now.
Yesterday jan and I bought a rosebush at the market, as soon as it will flower(it is full of buds) I will take a photo, of course. It's a groundcovering rose, that will grow at about 20 inch high but can spread around at 39,5 inch!
Color should be a warm red. We'll see how it will go.
Hopefully your weather will turn in to something nicer, specially for the times you won;t have to work!
Have a lovely day, and cuddle to Pogo.