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Saturday, June 22, 2013

So Much Beauty In The Sky

June 22, 2013

Good morning.  Gosh, I slept late this morning.  If it wasn't for Pogo insisting that I get up, I would probably still be under those nice warm covers.  So, as soon as I finish with the laundry, I think I just may go back for a nap.  I'm tired today, and tonight is a work night.

Late yesterday afternoon, Joe and I went food shopping.  When we finished and were packing the groceries into the car, the sky was putting on a gorgeous light show.  You know me, I love photographing the clouds.  Today's were just a bit different, and so interesting. 

I got out my camera and started shooting away.  After a while, Joe grabbed the camera from me and insisted that we take our groceries (and frozen foods) home.  Sometimes I am so bad!!  But here are some of the photos.  The first two were taken a couple of hours earlier on my way home from work, and the rest are from the parking lot at the supermarket.


Are these not super?   Sometimes the beauty of nature is right there in front of us.  We just have to look up.  Tonight the moon is supposed to be huge, so I'm hoping to get some nice photos of that too.  We'll see.  I'll be at work so I may not have a chance to take the camera outside.

Well, there's no more news for today, so I'll get back to my laundry.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


aquascrap said...

Just awesome!! By you photographing the sky and clouds has also given me a new outlook on it as well and I also look upward these days to see what's in the sky. My photos are nowhere near as good as yours though.

The Queen Jester said...

I think I need to look up more - I'm missing out on a bunch of good shots!

smiekeltje said...

You just take the rest your body asks from you.
I didn;t see the huge moon yet, may be this evening I can have a look at it, if the clouds go away a bit.
Oh, I had a strange night last nght. Just couldn;t fall asleep, or only for an hour and woke up again. Then I woke up again, with a bit of headache. Took some paracetamol, and went back to sleep, this time on the couch, Finally I got some hours of sleep and even if I had a "broken"night, I feel rather well again. This sometimes happens, hopefully this night it will be different.
Take care, have a quiet working night!