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Monday, September 2, 2019

Keeping An Eye On Dorian

September 2, 2019

Good morning.  The sun is shining here and it's rather lovely outside.  We may get some rain later today and tomorrow.  As we celebrate Labor Day, we are all sending prayers for everyone in the path  of Hurricane Dorian, especially the folks in the Bahamas. 

This wicked storm is destroying those beautiful islands.  Already, a seven year old boy has died and his sister is missing.  It is gut wrenching to lose a child and have another missing.  My heart cries for these folks.  As I watch the weather videos on TV, I wonder just how long these folks can hang on.  The hurricane is just sitting on them, not moving. 

Even though the hurricane is one hundred miles away from Florida, some coastal areas are already feeling the wrath of the winds and water surges from it.  The TV just said that the outer band rains are now over Florida.  Many cities and town are being evacuated. 

Here's an image I borrowed from the web to show just how far reaching this wicked hurricane is.  This map was issued at 5 am this morning.    As you can see, it's path takes in most of the eastern coast of the U.S.  At the top of this map is the southeastern part of my state, Massachusetts.  Folks, this storm is humongous!

On TV, they have been showing all the power trucks from many surrounding states that are lined up in Florida to begin working to restore power outages as they occur.  It's a beautiful sight, folks.  Americans coming together to help each other. 

I have a lot of friends and family members living in Florida.  Thankfully, most of them are in the western half of the state.  However, some are on the east coast and I'm praying for their safety.  Those of you living in the eastern parts of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, please keep up with the weather alerts and head for safer ground as soon as possible. 

That's it for this morning.  I want to catch up on my blog reading and then it's back to following Dorian's path.  So, till tomorrow, please stay safe and God Be With You. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I am praying it doesn't change course and come to Texas. So far we are not having any rain from the storm. It's still as hot as ever. Yes, I feel for those people on the small islands. When everything is over and the damage can be seen maybe the red cross will be there to assist them. From experience, they don't do very much. I know it is suppose to be a non-profit but I think all those people working there are for profit. We have to help each other after a disaster because FEMS is another organization who come out but don't do nothing. I wonder sometimes why do they show up at all. I assume just to turn those down that need their help. When Ike came through I was flooded out on the inside of my apartment and FEMA came over but wouldn't help me at all. Yes, I was on disability then to because my right leg was torn and crooked from the arthritis. Bit I made it and doing better. I don't think if I am caught again in another disaster, I most likely will never contact FEMA or the red cross. I have homeowners insurance now and then to, sometimes they don't want to pay for damages. I've had my company for 5 years now and never had to use them and hope I never will. I doesn't know how they are when it come to paying a claim. I hope I never have to find out. I hope you and Pogo have a great day. Stay focus and keep watch out for the storm.

Terra said...

The map shows how large this storm is. It seems like if everyone in an area gets an alert to go somewhere that the roads would be crowded. I hope this storm dissipates soon and that is what I am praying for.

Sue said...

Thank you for your concern and prayers for us on the east coast, we are praying it will really do a lot of turning toward the east!

Theresa said...

I have been watching the storm too. The Bahamas are destroyed, SO SAD:( I continue to pray for ALL in the path of the hurricane! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!