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Friday, September 20, 2019

Just A Short Post Today

September 20, 2019

Good afternoon.  Sorry I'm late posting but I had a lot to do today.  Deanne came by and took me out to do a bunch of errands, plus a bit of grocery shipping.  By the time we were on our way back here, the warmth of the sun could be finally felt.  If only I figure out how to get the sun to shine inside my apartment.

Today was supposed to be in the eighties, but once again, the warm days have been pushed up again.  I do hope they are still coming.  When I wake up in the morning to 45F degrees, it does not make me so happy. 

This will be a very short  post.  I'm in a hurry to get back under my warm blanket.  Even Pogo is cuddling in that new bed I got for him a few moths ago.  He was in it all night, and this morning I had to pick him out of it so  that he could go potty.  Once that was done, he hopped right back into the bed. I did take a few photos, but first I have to crop them so that I can post them. 

I do have one funny story that I borrowed from the web to share with you.  I hope it gives you a giggle.

Guess who is snoring already?  Yup, Pogo!

This is very true, folks.  It makes my heart happy to listen  to him snoring.  Now I think I'm going to join him for a little while before I have to make us some supper.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

They are still doing high water rescues here today. So far we know we have lost 2 people one in Beaumont got killed by electric shock and one here drowned under water in his van in Humble. Right up the road here from me. There were a gauge there at the bridge. The water was 7 feet deep when he drove in. They tell people not to drive in the water. It doesn't help because they do it anyway. My son work at the port of Houston and they let them go at 11:00AM yesterday morning but it took him 3 hours to get some. There were a lot of people sleeping on the highways last night. I mean it was thousands, not just a few. Everybody was helping each other. The bank was closed at 9:30 when I made it there and the pharmacy never open today. I went on next door to Kroger (grocery store) and on my way home I looked over at the bank drive through and they finally had opened. So I took care of my banking needs and came home and went to sleep.

It's still hot out there. (lol) I just wish you could blow some of your cold air our way. I love jacket weather. I see Pogo is sleeping as much as I've been sleeping all week. I just woke up a few minutes ago. Stay warm and you and Pogo have a good weekend. Let him sleep because he is a growing boy. (lol)

Kathy said...

Seems like everyone is busy these days. It has been cold in the mornings here, too. But by noon it is quite warm. Supposed to go up to 90 degrees tomorrow.

So Pogo snores. So does my cat, Jack. It makes me smile to hear his little cat snores.

Hope you have a good weekend.

My Tata's Cottage said...

Good to see you here Edna. We still have really hot temps, high 80's but see it is to cool off next week. We will wait and see. It is hard to get out of bed when it is so cool or cold.Dogs are smart. ENjoy the weekend and stay warm and cozy. HUGS and LOVE

Jan said...

I'm another one who is not looking forward to cooler weather, although hoodies and sweat pants is very close to pajamas but you can let your neighbors see you wearing them. That's a plus!

Once the balmy days of summer are gong, I'll look at the pretty leaves and then grumble until the first snow flakes!


Theresa said...

Still hot here. We have enjoyed a couple days of cooler mornings and not so high humidity. Enjoy your warm blankie and snuggles with Pogo. HUGS!

smiekeltje said...

Pity dwarf Mikey coudn;t take you on the shopping trip, I hope he feels better now.
But you had a day with Deanne, doing al sorts of errands and shopping. And yes, some days the temperatures are still nice, but you can feel the cold slowly coming in, specially nights and early mornings. I don;t like it at all.
Still we are lucky that we have a roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep in!
Have a fantastic day and week ahead.
Lots of hugs