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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Happy Birthday Nick

September 5, 2019

Good morning.  Today is quite lovely here.  Lots of sunshine and 60F degrees.  Later, temps will get up into the mid seventies.  Perfect!  Last night's rain came and left a few little wet drops on my car's windshield.  I doubt if any of those droplets even hit the ground. 

First, let me wish my great grandson, Nick, a Very Happy Birthday.  Yesterday he turned eleven years old and started his first day in the sixth grade.  Nick, I hope your day was awesome.  Meema loves you.  This is Nick, and he looks super happy to be back in school.

I received an email and some photos from a reader who has been travelling around Australia.  The photos are of the Green Bird Flower, (Hummingbird Plant) which grows in the remote areas and red sands of Western Australia. (and other areas) These are awesome photos.  Thank you so much Eileen for sharing these with us.  Let me know how you make out trying to grow the plants from seed.

I just switched over to the Weather Channel (on TV) only to find that Hurricane Dorian has re-intensified (Cat 3) and is causing all sorts of grief on the Carolinas.  This also means huge amounts of rain in Southeastern Virginia. That's where my daughter Audrey is. Hopefully, everyone in the coastal areas of the Carolinas have already evacuated. 

Already, more than two hundred thousand folks have lost electrical power, and several areas in both North and South Carolina are issuing tornado warnings.  (Tornados have already been reported to have touched down) This is one nasty storm!  I'd like to see it turn and head back out to sea, but it doesn't look like that's going to be happening anytime soon.

Ever had crispy fried eggs?  It's what happens when you are paying too much attention to the Weather News and  not enough attention to the eggs you are frying.  I'll tell you, they don't taste too bad, although I don't recommend having them every day. 

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

Have you notice your eggs don't turn out too good in certain skillets that you use. Cast iron doesn't do your eggs a good favor. (lol) I tried that 2 nights ago and they were half scrambled. I couldn't get them up to flip them. I wanted an egg sandwich because other food was making me sick. U was eating dominoes Pizza but on my last trip there, they are making your pizza without gloves on their hands. I asked the cashier about it and she said they are not required to use gloves. I told her this will be my last trip here. Back to the kitchen and if food are making me sick, I will start eating fruit again. It gave me stomach problems but you have to eat something for strength. I hope you and Pogo keep enjoying this good weather. It is still hot here.

Phoebes World said...

Happy Birthday Nick!!

Crispy eggs were the only way dad cooked eggs...these days I like them poached.

Praying for all those affected by the Hurricane..and I hope your family stay safe

Phoebe x

Beth Reed said...

That humming bird plant is so awesome. I love them. I ordered one from a garden nursery one time but I didn't know to plant it in red clay dirt either. I had a lot of that where I lived but it died so I am just in love with the image.

Your great grandson Nick is just so handsome and he looks so excited to be going back to school. Mine love it so far and I think that it is great that they look forward to school every year!

I will call you tomorrow (Friday). Between my Charlie horses and a bout of stomach issues I have been down all day.
Hugs and cuddles to my Pogo and Lots of hugs to you... xxx

smiekeltje said...

Good you have found some things already you might like to cook and that will taste also. I love fried rice, you can do so much with it, like as in you recipe oput some veggies to it, try also some slowly fried diced onion to it, and of course you can add all sorts of meat if you like.
If you like the fried rice, you can easily cook some more rice and put it in the freezer. Then you take out a portion when you feel to it.
I also wonder somesimes with organazations Like FEMA how they go around with the money they gather. Of course you have to pay the workers(although lots of them are volunteers too!) but there should be enough left to actually help people in need and not only propose a loan with low interest to them. Often it is better to donate some money to smaller organazations, that give good help, at the right place and time.
It seems you still have more or less good weather. Here we have some colder temps, around 17-18C, not great. We do put on the central heating on in the evening , just to get the chillyness out of the room.I wish we could do some longer without the heating! But who knows, may be next week it will be better.
Try to have fun in trying out some healthy recipes! some will stay on your menu, I am sure of it and they will taste good too.
Have a wonderful day and weekend, but may be I come along in the weekend too and leave some words.

Steve Reed said...

I just saw that hummingbird plant not too long ago for the first time... it's a very cool plant. I'd never heard of it before and never knew it was from Australia. Nick has very trendy hair!

Sue said...

Birthday blessings, to your great grandson, Nick.
I like fried eggs with the yolk cooked and just a little crispy around the edges.
The hummingbird plant look so interesting. Thanks for sharing.