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Friday, September 27, 2019

A Short Trip Down Memory Lane

September 27, 2019

Goode morning.  The sun is shining and it is 60F degrees.  Later, temps will rise to the mid seventies.  Perfect!  Yesterday was nice, and late in the day we saw some rain.  Autumn is starting out rather nicely.

Well, so far today I'm feeling fairly good.  Only about 80%, but so much better than the  past week.  I told you I had a theory, so today I'll tell you what it is.  Lack of salt.  Simple, huh?  Trying to put together low salt meals while making sure that minimum requirements are met is not as easy as it sounds. 

Cutting out the salt is easy enough, getting the minimum is not. Add to that the fact that meals are no longer very interesting and you start to skip meals.  There are a lot of "healthy" foods that I do not like to eat, so making meals interesting isn't always much fun.  But I did manage to cut out the salt.  And the lack of salt managed to "cut out" me.

Wednesday afternoon, I picked up the phone and ordered Chinese take out for Pogo and me.  When it came, we both pigged out and enjoyed ourselves.  By six o'clock that evening, I was feeling so much better!  Yup, I needed a huge infusion of salt!  By the way, Pogo was feeling rather perky too!

This is important, because if I'm right about this, my diet can begin to look a bit more normal.  I can have better tasting meals and enjoy them.  I do still have to keep track of my salt intake.  I can only have treats such as Chinese take out once a month.  But at least I have that to look forward to. 

Today I have another "blast from the past" to share.  One of the finer moments of my life was not only being able to finally go to college, but to get a Masters Degree.  I was a grandma at the time, but it was still a really sweet feeling being able to do this.  Here, I put my new diploma together with a photo of me accepting it.  (Last name was different then because of a previous marriage.)

It doesn't seem like it, but all this happened thirty nine years ago.  Really!  And to make matters worse, part way into these studies, I fell and broke my ankle.  Now I had a heavy cast up to my knee, and had to go up and down stairs for my classes on my behind.  Yup!  A friend carried my books while I scooted up and down the stairs on my tushy.  No elevators back then.  But this was something that I really wanted, and I made it.

Here's another blast from the past that I found on the web and borrowed to share with you. 

When my kids were tiny, a trip to McDonalds was really a treat.  Look at these prices!  Imagine, a tasty meal for under a dollar and change back! 

On a serious note folks, it is Flu Season.  Don't forget to get your new flu shot.  Don't wait till you get sick or the supply of vaccine runs out.  Do it now and stay healthy.  My next trip out to WalMart, I will get my shot.  I'll call them later today to make sure they have the vaccine.   Here is a chart (borrowed from the web) that shows some foods to eat if you do get the flu. 

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  After that, there are some dishes waiting in the sink that need washing.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

Oh, Edna, I am so glad you found out about the salt. It is a fine line to know when it is enough and when it is too much. I found out the hard way (as did you) that it is not a good idea to take things out of your diet completely,

What a wonderful picture of you receiving your degree. That is a keepsake for sure.

Angelicastar said...

The doctors tell you not to eat salt and when I was hospitalized they wouldn't give me any salt and I barely ate the food. Again, I use a Cajun season salt and it work out perfect but I never take all the salt out of my diet. I just watch my intake and keep enjoying my food. They told me not to eat bananas and when I stopped, my body lost potassium. They told me not to drink Coca-Cola and I quit for a while but just told the doctor last week I am now having a coke every now and then. (lol) You just have to eat what your body like. It will let you know if it's not right. If you can't eat well, it will also make you sick. I hear and don't hear those doctors. They gave me a list of all the food in the world for me not to eat about six months ago. I put it in the trash and said he must be out of his mind. When I can eat, I am not going to starve myself, but eat something I enjoy eating. (lol) Good food give you strength. Stay healthy and eat what your body like. I am just where you are with this food situation and been there for 2 years now and just had to go back to my old routine and enjoy my life. It's hard to try to eat what they tell you to eat. I always say, they are probably eating whatever they want to eat and so will I. I eat in moderation and drink Coca-Cola in moderation but not quitting again. So glad you are feeling better and I know Pogo is happy to. Have a very blessed day and start enjoying your food.

Theresa said...

What a wonderful picture of you and your diploma, WOW that is awesome... never too late to reach our dreams! SALT, it is a wonderful yet BAD thing. I cut out added salt years ago and only get what is already in my food which is still a plenty. Enjoy your day dear friend, hope it is a great day! HUGS!

smiekeltje said...

It might well be the lack of salt (may be also sugar?)that made you feel so aweful! I hope it is the answer to it and now you can do what is necessary. You still will have to pay attention to the salt, of course, but you can have some and that already makes meals a lot tastier, yes!
It are the added salts in ready meals and so on that are dangerous, so try to cut them out as much as possible. I try to do that with ur meals to, because Jan has to take less salt. And it is better for everyone, actually. And therefor I use the special salt, which helps already a lot, and try to use not too much ready made stuff like sauces,or parts for meals etc.
Promised you to look for recipees for you, and I still am but perhaps it is better I will send you a few already by mail. I will try to think of it this week.
I imagine you sitting home with you take out Chinese and enjoying it to the full hahaha! And you know, to have something like Vhinese every now and then cannot harm you, you will just have to do those things in moderation.
Have a wonderful day and week ahead.
Sending a big hug.