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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Mystery Of The Missing Mail

December 21, 2014

Good morning.  It's 4 a.m. and once again I'm up early.  It's still dark outside and everything is covered with a layer of snow.   According to my cell phone, it is 33F degrees.  I'll check in with the Weather Channel in a while to see what's in store for today.

We've had a bit of mystery here these past two days with our mail delivery.  We did not get any mail at all.  It's rare for a day to go by when we don't get at least one piece of mail.  But two days in a row has never happened before that I know of. 

I made several calls to the Post Office and was assured each time that the mail had definitely been delivered.  The tracking number on a package I had been expecting showed that the item had been delivered at 11:31 a.m. on Friday.  However, we did not get any mail on Friday.  Yesterday, the mail carrier assured the Post Master that she had delivered mail to my mail box shortly after 11 a.m yesterday.  Again, there was no mail on, in or near our mail box. 

After watching and waiting all day for a mail delivery, I finally went out to look around the yard.  Well my goodness.  As I was coming around the corner of the front of the house, I noticed that the plastic door on the water hose holder was partly ajar and I could see paper inside it.  I opened it and found all sorts of mail including a magazine and the missing package.  They were all scrunched up to fit inside this little housing unit.  We normally hang our water hose on this housing and store the nozzle inside it on little shelf.

Of course I called the Post Office to report this, and to let them know where I had found the missing mail.  They assured me that this would not happen again.  Tomorrow, I'll have to keep a watch for the mail carrier to make sure the mail gets put in the correct place.

I do have something happy to share with you.  Friday, daughter Deanne called and was telling me how her day at work went.  She works at an elementary school, and was supervising children in the lunch room. 

One adorable little six year old boy came up to her and said "I have something for you Ms. Jaynes" and gave her a pink post it note.  The note said "I love Myella so much."

Deanne asked the little boy who Myella was, and he pointed to a girl.  Deanne asked him why he didn't give the note to the girl, and the little boy replied "Because I want you to have it."   Then he gave Deanne a big hug.

Needless to say, this made Deanne's day.   It put a big smile on my face too.  The innocence of our little children is just so precious.

This past week, I've been fighing off a cold, and I think my little Pogo is fighting one off too.  His appetite isn't up to par, and he has been sleeping a lot.  I cooked him a nice steak for supper last evening, but he did not eat it.  He didn't eat much of anything at all yesterday.  Hopefully today he'll be much perkier and have some of his appetite back.

Well, that's all the news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Inventing of the post delivery person to put the mail at that special place LOL!
let's hope the del;ivery will take place at the usual place from now on again!
Still rather "warm"here, no snow in sight, only disagreable thing is that we have lots of wind.
Oh well, you can't have it all.
Going to post now and then see what mischief i can get into today.
P.S. Hope the cold quickly goes away with you and Pogo too.

The Queen Jester said...

What an odd spot to put the mail. Perhaps you could tell him a better place to stick it? Hmmmm?