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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


December 24, 2014

Good morning.  My goodness, it's already Christmas Eve Day.  The excitement is mounting here at my house.  The dwarfs are keeping an eye on their Christmas tree to see if anything has been put under it, and who it might be for.  Yeah, I know, we're all adults but Christmas brings out the child in all of us. 

My little tree is surrounded by so many presents that there is no room for any more.   Last evening, I sent my daughter Audrey a text message to let her know that it was "National Take A Peek At A Present" night, and I got an immediate phone call.  "Mom, I knew you couldn't hold out!" 

 Of course, I was only joking, but I was in a mischievous mood and wanted to have some fun.  (Some days I can be so bad!)  Here's a photo of my little tree surrounded by all sorts of goodies.  There are a couple more gifts, but they are big and are on the floor.

Daughter Audrey said that I could open the four gifts (in the front) that are wrapped in bubble wrap, but I told her I would wait till tomorrow.  They are four jars of home made jelly, cranberry sauce. apple butter and cranapple butter.  Oh yum!  I can't wait to taste the grape jelly because I know she squished the all the grapes herself.   Oh dear, she did squish them with her hands, right?  Audrey, tell me you didn't dance all over the grapes with your bare feet!!!

I've received a lot of beautiful and fun Christmas cards, but I got one yesterday that I just have to share with you.  It's from daughter Deanne and family, and you know she picked this one out special for me and Pogo.
No, it's not my Pogo, but he sure is handsome!!  Would you believe I still haven't decided what to cook for Pogo and me for tomorrow's dinner?   This morning I have to make a quick run to the supermarket, and I'm hoping to get some ideas there. 

The rest of the day will be spent making room for Pogo's big present from Santa and tidying up a bit.  Then, of course, I need to do a bit of negotiating with the dust bunnies.  It wouldn't be nice to move them out until after Christmas and New Years Day.  However, I'm hoping they will agree to move to a different corner.  Hmmm, I wonder.  What does Santa Claus bring to a dust bunny?

My grandson Kevin has not been feeling so good these past few days.  He is having respiratory problems and is warding off pneumonia.  I'm praying this will clear up quickly, and he will be feeling fit soon.  Kevin, be well soon.  I love you.

Well, that's about it for this morning.  I'm going to do a bit of blog reading while I drink my coffee.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day, and I hope Santa Claus brings you something nice.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

Wishing you and family a wonderful Christmas. I will not open my gifts until Christmas morning. That is the way I was raised. Santa always came on Christmas Eve night. I understand Suzanne got several packages. She has been so busy at work, have not talked to her much. Will find out over the holiday.

Annesphamily said...

Prayers for Kevin! You are a very comical gal Miss Edna! I wish you a beautiful Christmas and enjoy that special dinner for yourself and Pogo. I love that sweet card. I think back to having you as my Secret Santa and I wish we could have done that this year. God willing, maybe next. I like simple gift giving too, like calendars and homemade bread ans sweets ornament exchanges. And...candles too! Ah, I treated myself to a baby doll. If you put her pacifier in her mouth she sighs and sucks it and her eyes open and close. LOL! She was five dollars at Walmart and I ran into an old patient I knew. She hugged me and said she missed me. Made me cry. She said I was one of the kindest people she knew.Oh boy did I cry! Pray for me, it seems I can not get away from the meanness of that office. I wish you and Pogo a beautiful Christmaas and please know I am praying for Kevin. Hugs to you

smiekeltje said...

Get well wishes to Kevin!!!
Oh my, your tree looks gorgeous with so many presents surrounding it!
You will have a fun day on Christmasday!
Still quiet here, Jan is still asleep, so I have time to do the blogreading and such.
Then in the afternoon I will prepare our meat for the fondu, it is a quick job. And I think later in the afternoon we will open our presents.
Big hugs sent to you and cuddles for Pogo.