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Thursday, December 25, 2014


December 25, 2014

Good morning and Merry Christmas everybody.  Oh my, oh my, such a wonderful visit I had with my friend Santa in the wee hours this morning.  He stopped in just long enough to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and a bit of chit chat.  While he was here, he set up Pogo's new sofa.  My goodness, it is soooo cute.

Gosh, I think Pogo really likes it!!  After he tried finding his most comfy spot, he actually curled up and went back to sleep.  God bless his little heart.  He sure does make my eyes smile.

While Santa and I were enjoying our cocoa, I just had to open one of my presents.  I chose a big package from my friend Kyra.  Oh my, oh my!!!  Kyra, this is exquisite!  I just love it!!   Folks, it's a soft light blue and white color blocked knitted afghan.  Wowee!!  I just love it.  I will open it up and take better photos of it, but these will give you an idea of how gorgeous this afghan is.

Oh my goodness, I'm flabbergasted and there are still lots more presents for Pogo and me to open.  I think first I'm going to crawl back under my cozy blanket and have a little nap.  Soon the dwarfs will be up and I'll want to go watch them open the presents under their tree. 

Here's the freebie that I promised you.  Don't forget to download it before January 1, because the link will expire then.  I hope you can use these overlays.

Here is your download link:

Pogo and I want to wish everyone a super Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Holiday.

Now I'm off to catch a few winks.  Y'all have a blessed day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

And a Merry Christmas to you and Pogo as well, Edna. You are lucky to have caught Santa and have a little chat with him. I slept right through his visit. In fact, the rest of my family is still sleeping. It is not like the days when we got up before the sun rose because the kids couldn't wait. But, we will be opening our presents and feasting on Christmas treats and a wonderful meal before the day is over. You have a great day with your Duarfs and perhaps some of your family. Izzi sends her love to Pogo and Chachi, Fonzi and Diva send their love to Blackie and Sunshine. They are all happy that you game them a forever home. Bless you, Edna ... it has been a grand year of friendship and who knows what this coming year will bring. But, I do know you will be a big part of it in our lives. Be well and enjoy this glorious day ... Merry, Merry Christmas!

Andrea @ From The Sol

Angelicastar said...

Merry Christmas to you and Pogo....He is a wonderful little heartbeat. I love his sofa and so does he(lol) He is so blessed to have you and I can tell you love him so much....Merry Christmas to you and my little darling Pogo....Enjoy the holiday, stay safe and many blessings to you and your family

smiekeltje said...

Pogo's sofa is gprgeous!He is like a little king Arthur on it LOL!
Glad you liked the afghan, it was such pleasure to make it and I hope it will keep you warm in colder days!.
Nice that Santa had a moment to chat with you, it makes Cheistmas a bit extra special. doesn't it?
Have a wonderful day, my friend!

Mats World said...

Good morning after CHRISTmas! Hope your day was delightful...sorry for the long absence, but with these pesky cataracts and the leveling of my home foundation, the holidays coming and trying to interview people and showing the duplex (too many and me too picky) I have had no time, but hopefully, 2015 will bring a little more relief for my eyes, I have the foundation problems corrected and the duplex rented. I think I have achieved a lot. After dinner yesterday, I came home, changed into my warmest jammies, got the fur babies and crawled into bed (about 6 p.m.) and we slept for 12 hours...UNHEARD of for us...but guess I was completely exhausted. Now am ready for anything again. LOL!
Loved reading and catching up, but now got to give this one eyed reading a rest...ROFL...hope your new year finds you and Pogo (and your family and dwarfs) safe, happy and very healthy. Just adore your gift from Kyra, it is lovely and I know you are going to enjoy snuggling under it. Leaving lots of hugs! Mat

btw...thanks for the overlays too! appreciate them!

Annesphamily said...

I L O V E Pogo's new sofa. It is precious. I love your afghan too. I would love to have a friend make me one as soft. I love hand made things. SO precious. All my afghans are from the 1970s and so are the colors. Aw....the memories though are priceless. My sister in law Cheri and my friend Kathy O'Gane. I still love them. Christmas was perfect. I see yours was too. Hugs, Anne