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Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Pogo Is Sooooo Brave!!

June 27, 2013

Good morning.  It's a bit on the cloudy side, but quite comfy outside today.  Now that the heat wave has broken up, the air is more breathable.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be in the mid to high 70'sF. 

I can't chat too long this morning because Eddie and Kevin (Grandson) will be here soon to start working on the back door.  Yesterday, Eddie and I went shopping for a new door.  In the end, we decided to spruce up the door that is currently on, and just buy a new storm door.  I can't wait to see the new storm door once it is installed.  Yes, I'll take photos to share.

As usual, Pogo had a wonderful time at the stores.  Everyone we meet stops to pet him, and ooh and aah over him.  Of course, he just loves it.  In the afternoon, Pogo had an appointment at the hospital to have a spot on his back checked.  It turned out to be a bacterial infection which is being treated with a spray on medicine and a special shampoo.

The best part of going to the hospital for Pogo is meeting so many other animals.  He just loves the great big dogs.  Yesterday, one large german shepherd was being kept on a close leash, and it upset Pogo because he couldn't reach the dog to play with him.  So he started barking at the large dog.  Mind you, the other dog's head was big enough to make 2 or 3 Pogo's.  But Pogo has no fear.  It is just so comical to watch him.

This morning, I have a photo of a very handsome gull.  I took this photo last week at our local park.  Some of my favorite subjects to photograph are gulls.  They really are quite interesting characters.

I also have a rose-art to share with you.  This lovely bloom came from my garden, and I found the verse on the web.

Now I really must get going and put some clothes on this adorable little body.  My "men" will be here soon to start working on the door.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Hooray for Pogo and thank goodness the spot was nothing that couldn't be taken care of.

We are going through getting things taken care of here too. Both of our decks needed to be restained and the railings painted. Not a job I would want to do ... thank goodness for a Handyman that is not only reliable, but does great work.

Izzi and I are leaving tomorrow for Ohio ... we have trials over the weekend and will come home on Sunday. I won't be blogging because I don't have a portable computer to take with me, but I will be thinking of you and looking forward to catching up on Monday. I don't know how Izzi is going to take to traveling. She has never gone further than to my Granddaughter's so this will be a test. If she has a good time with the other people from her class and her dog friends from her class then we will be doing this again. I'll have more to say on Monday, no doubt. I have a bunch of things to get done before I leave. I have to water some plants on the hill that I put in hoping they would take ... so far they look pretty weak. But it is worth a try because we need things growing to keep the hill from washing away. Our lake is flooding again because of all of the rain we have had. It is already several feet higher than normal and our beach has disappeared again. Izzi loves to run the beach, but will wade in the water when the beach isn't there. I better get going ... Have a great weekend, Edna and our love to Pogo ... hoping he will heal up in a hurry. Izzi has two German Shepherd friends ... something about the calmness of bigger dogs makes her comfortable with them. Probably the same for Pogo. Later ... :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

That is a beautiful quote and perfect for the photo of the rose.

It's cute that Pogo has no fear of large dogs. I think the smaller breeds are like that and they probably can outmanuever them with their quickness so perhaps they really don't have anything to fear.

smiekeltje said...

A smile came onto my face reading the "adventures of Pogo"LOL!
He is quite a caracter, and really seems to have no fear of other dogs, no matter how big they are.
Glad that the spot on his back can be treated easily and isn;t something real scary!
Now have a wonderful day with your men, give them a hello"from me, they are great guys to help you with so many things.