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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big, Beautiful Blooms

June 11, 2013

Good afternoon.  Gosh, I slept most of the morning away.  While I was sick, time meant nothing.  I slept whenever my eyes wanted to close.  But now that I am back to work, my body needs to get back into its normal routine for sleep. 

Yesterday, I had so many plans of things that I wanted to go out and do but this old body had other plans.  When it is tired, it just does not like to move.  So now I will be more realistic in my goals.  Sometime in the next day or two, I will get out and do some errands.  It already sounds better!

It rained here from late yesterday all through the night.  I'm so glad that I had gone out in the yard before the rain came, and took photos of some of my flowers.  The rain gets so heavy that it knocks all the plants down to the ground.

I have two beautiful peony plants that have gorgeous big blooms, and both have blossomed in the last few days.  First this huge magenta one opened up.

Then yesterday, this magnificent light pink peony blossomed.  Gosh, I just love this one!

One of the pink rose bushes also had a really gorgeous light pink bloom.  Mother Nature is just so beautiful when she wants to be.

Today, I need to send an email to the Marie Callender company to complain about the quality of some of their meals.  Sometimes I'm too lazy to cook, and that's when these dinners come in quite handy.  Most of them are tasty and satisfying.  However, lately I'm noticing that when you cook the Salisbury Steak dinner and open it up, you find all dark, discolored potatoes.  Very unappetizing to say the least.

I used to just toss out things that were not so good, but now I'm all about making the manufacturers accountable for their product.  There are only a few brands of frozen foods  that I will buy, and I expect them to be of good quality.  I'm finding that Boston Market, Stouffers, and Hungry Man are usually very good. 

Marie Callender used to be at the top of my list, but not any more.  My favorite used to be their Alfredo with chicken and broccoli.  However, I find that Boston Market makes the same meal which tastes much better.  I'm falling out of love with Marie Callender.

Towards the end of the week, I will go on-line and buy more time for my Broadband stick.  Then I will shop around for a more economical way of carrying my own internet around with me.  I may have to upgrade my phone to one that is also a mobile hot spot.  It's something worth looking into.

Well, it's time for me to stuff this adorable body into some clothes and take a walk around the yard to see if there is much rain damage to the plants.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I’m glad you’re relocating the woodchucks; your flowers are too beautiful to start showing us more eaten planters!

Jasmine was a darling Alice! It is a photo of a cute Mad Hatter, too! Once you earn the Grandma title (and for every generation thereafter) it’s not bragging, it’s in the job description! You’re just doing your job. :)

Glad you’re back to work, even if it takes some effort to get back in the groove. I was thinking I might be better off to look for something part time at first. The last time I worked full time was before the MS got really apparent. (I could still walk and had longer lasting energy!)

The peonies are gorgeous!

David’s been disappointed with MarieC for a while. Like you, he notes that the quality has changed and not for the better! I’m going to suggest Boston Market dinners to him!

I think it’s either nap time or coffee time for Nani. :)

Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

I love this time of year for the blooms they bring. My Grandmother had several peony and having grown up with these they always hold fond memories for me.
That second one with the pale pink is so interesting. They certainly have more varieties than they used to long ago.
It's so sad to fall out of love with a favorite product. I hate it when they try to improve something that I already loved. But I fear the changes you are experiencing now probably have to do more with profit margins.

smiekeltje said...

Your peonies are so beautiful! And so is that soft pink rose!
I am jealous of you, you know? I've tried a couple of times to plant peonies, but till now, they don;t seem to like it in my garden. They never came up again.
Oh yes, your body got used to another rythm lately and it has to adapt itself again to the working time schedule. Obviously you needed the sleep, so okay, not all your plans have been realized, then just do them another time LOL!
Have a wonderful day!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Best laid plans are usually interrupted when your body is tired! It will take precedence when it needs restoration! Whatever you had planned will come to fruition at some other time! If not, was not meant to be done! LMBO!
Glad you are getting some rest though! Lovely blossoms and the photos are terrific. The soft pink Peony is gorgeous! I need to replant some pots as the heat has finally done the pansies in, so need something now for the excessive heat as we are in the triple digits now! I think more succulents will be potted! LOL!
You and Pogo have a terrific day, the weekend is not far away now!
Hugs, Mat

carolynf said...

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