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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Two Weeks Till Valentines Day

February 1, 2912

It's 6:25 a.m, and I'll be getting ready to go home soon.  It's still quite dark outside but the temperature is around 34 degrees.  Today is supposed to be in the 50's, which is good for me because I have a couple of errands to do. 

It's almost time to send out your valentines to your special friends and loved ones.   Have you bought or made all your valentines?   I got a fuzzy pink bear for Tootsie.  It's not that she plays much with her toys anymore, but she loves moving them around from one spot to another.  Then every now and then she will walk around to make sure that each one is still right where she put it. 

The sky is beginning to lighten up a bit, but there are lots of gray clouds.  Go figure!  The temps get up into the 50's and the rain moves in.   I suppose we can't complain though.  We haven't had any snow to speak of and we have to keep the reservoirs full somehow. 

We're counting the days now till vacation.  Only 25 more, and hello Florida!  And, only 45 days till Spring!  It's time to drag out the suitcase and decide which clothes to pack.  Plus, I always pack a box of goodies and mail them to myself in Florida a week ahead of time.  It's so much easier than trying to carry two suitcases.

***I'm home now, and my Tootsie is a happy little camper to have her mommy back.  She is such a joy to come home to.  She can't walk too good anymore, but she comes slipping and sliding across the floor to give me a big lick.  What a great way to start my day!!

I have a few photos to share that I took at the park the other day.  This first photo is a pair of geese who must be married.  I mean, look at Mr. Macho dishing out orders to the little woman! lol.

In these next photos, one duck finally got tired of being chased and had to get away.   It seems like the gull wasn't bothered by any of this activity.  He just kept right on meditating, or whatever.

I've decided to put Tootsie in her new carrier every other day for a few minutes to help her get used to being in it.  If she snoozes all during the plane ride, she will be just fine.  Gosh, I'm actually starting to look forward to going to Florida.  I always loved it when my hubby was here, but going there alone just isn't same.  This year though, we'll have some company for a while, and hopefully my friend Su will be able to make it too.

There's not much news today. Eddie will be here this morning to finish off the pantry ceiling. It would have been done days ago, but my cold got in the way. Once the pantry is finished, we'll have to sit down and make a list of what else needs work around here. Houses are like people, they are never finished. But I count my blessings that I have a house to work on.   So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Tootsie is a lucky girl, but she spoils her Mommy too, so she earns it!

Our kids are enjoying all the “new” cat toys in the house as I find them! It seems every box has a cat toy behind it. Which makes me think they know more about Grandma’s stuff than I do! In fact, the clean and totally empty spot where the bookshelf will go when Dad is over next week now has a single gray mousie. The cat toys move around the house…a LOT!

I love the duck photos! Incredible to have this kind of “ducky” weather on February 1! It’s either going to be a chilly summer or we’re about to get hammered with a Valentine Massacre snow! I hope t’s the mild summer!

Off to finish lunch break and then get back to the sorting upstairs! Enjoy the odd weather we’re all having!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

It's nice to come home and be welcomed by your pet. Even our cats do so, specially Brodski.
Almost every time when I go out, Jan already knows when I am back, cause Brodski gets up and to the hallway. It was the same when I still worked and came home around the same time. Then the cats already got a bit nervous and waited in the kitchen or hallway LOL.
It's really getting close, your holiday to Florida!
And glad you had some fun visiting the gardening sites I gave you.
Eddie is a real sweetheart to do so much work for you in the house. I suppose you consider him a little treasure!
Have a wonderful day, my friend

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