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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wow! The Weather Is Really Crazy!

October 18, 2011

Tootsie and I got up very early this morning, so it's still quite dark outside my window.  I only got a short nap yesterday afternoon, so once my head hit the pillow last night it was dreamland for me.  Right now, I'm watching the weather channel on TV to see what to expect today.  I have to go out and buy a couple of doors so I'm hoping for a bit of sunshine.  There's also a window that needs to be replaced.  It's never dull when you have a house.

For Kyra, I tried to zoom in on the raindrops on the recycle barrel so that you could see what was showing inside them, but the closer I zoomed in, the grainier the photo got.  So yesterday morning I took a new close up photo of raindrops on the barrel.  The light is different so the reflection is different.  However, the flash on my camera shows up quite good!  (the round white spots)

Shortly after daybreak yesterday morning, there was a blackbird high up on a tree limb in the field across the street.  When the birds perch there, it always makes such a pretty silhouette, so I grabbed my camera and headed outside..  As you can see, the sky is quite gray yet.

Later, I had to try my hand at more photo art.  Tootsie and I went out into the yard to take new photos of whatever was blooming.  This coral rose with it's two buds was just begging to have it's photo taken. 

I layered it with "Tangled Tendrils" texture from Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art.  Then I applied the "Difference" blending mode (Photoshop), lowered the opacity of the mode a bit, then applied another light texture.  Before I start all the layering and blending, I extract the rose and buds and put them on their own layer with a bit of shadowing.  Before I add in the last texture, I merge all my layers.  I think it's quite interesting.

We are having some really crazy weather this year.  They are showing a wicked dust storm in Texas while Colorado is being covered with lots of snow.  Even part of China is covered in snow.  We have rain in the mid-central states and Florida, with some very cool temperatures on the way to us.  That's the part I'm not looking forward to.  I do NOT like the cold!

This will be a busy week for me between getting some work done on the house and having the furnace cleaned out.  In between, I want to catch up on my photo class lessons.  I don't like getting behind on them because then it starts to feel more like work than fun. 

That's it for this morning.  I need to get a couple of things done here before I start on my errands.  If you like new resources, stop by Su's blog and check out the new links that she has posted.  There's some really nice stuff there.  She has a knack for finding these fabulous links.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Your photos just blow me away. I want to get another camera body but almost feel guilty doing that since I seem to be lackluster lately about shooting and spending any time on photoshop play. Maybe it's just because I'm sewing and creating for the next show. This is where I really do enjoy our winters down south - lots of photo and computer time.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Your rose looks like a painting. Very nicely done.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful rose indeed. I like your texture work here. Interesting that you extract before you do all the adjusting. I am not good at extractions. So seems like a lot of work to me.